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[Xbox One] Official Car Meet #1


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GT: RemixVR , my request for the crew is still pending and i could use an invite to any shows happening

The crew is open, you should be able to join

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Let's go , leave gt or message me



-No killing you will be kicked.

-We cruise to where we are going so no crashing into each other ( the best you can ).

-If you are going to yell or argue then you are not welcome.

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I found an out-of-the-way parking lot(car park) that looks like it can hold 16 cars. It's at the Jetsam Terminal:




It's located at the red dot on this map:



Edited by enormous
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I plan on hosting one soon, hopefully it goes better then the last one I hosted. People seriously need to learn to follow the hosts directions and not anyone elses. but I'll see if I can host one later tonight, its Friday, so it should be a good one. Right now im currently money grinding lol

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What Time Is It!?!?!!?? CAR MEET TIME!

This right guys, Untouchable Image is hosting a car meet! You guys know what to do. c; Message me on Xbox Live ( Sparcology ) :DD


- No Killing ( You Will Be KIcked and Banned From Future Meets)

- BE GOOD DRIVERS ( Try not to Tailgate, Keep 2 Car Lengths From Eachother and Try Not To Crash)

- No Trash Talking ( If you're yelling or arguing, you will be kicked and banned from future meets )

Without Further A Do, Message me on Xbox, and lets start having fun! :D

//UTAI Sparco

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Sorry guys, I was experiencing a lot of technical issues with my internet, lmao. Stupid Satellite Internet, got so mad I got off. I'll see if the meet is still going

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