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[Xbox One] Official Car Meet #1


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Sparcology can you make it so I can make it my profile picture..its 2 wide and cuts off now

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Tandem Gamer






  • Everyone meet up on bikes to start off, bring a car if you don't have or don't want to use bikes :D
  • Once you join the lobby, go for a little drive about by yourself and find 1 or 2 good meet spots, save the locations of them on your map
  • Cruise and meet up with everyone when ready :D
  • When everyone's ready and marked a couple spots each we will cruise out and check out everybodies locations and chill
  • Then some Drags! ;)


Lobby open NOW so post for invites or message me :)



Edited by xXTwisted DevilXx
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ill be on a little bit later tonight, trying to get some late night drags / crusing / highway top speed runs in

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Icebergg Slimm

^The meet was earlier. Everyone was planning to log off right after the skyscraper demo derby.

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I joined and it wasn't even a car meet, just people f*cking around. :/




It was a lot more organized earlier. We had a little demo derby at the top of Maze Bank Tower near the end and as people left everyone else started wandering.


I snoozed on taking pics but here's one I got to snap at the gas station.


Edited by DrAnomalous
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