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[Xbox One] Official Car Meet #1


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Welcome to Untouchable Image Car Meets

First, I will post when meets are just as a normal reply or anyone else will just add reply if they are hosting one as well. They are not really planned we just post when we have one so always check the last page or so. We are here to just have a good time and enjoy playing the game with out killing over and over and cruising and showing off those rides.

Anyone that is on and wants to host just post on here for other users to see. Remember join the crew to always have access to the meets.

Are you are looking to show off that ride that you have spent thousands on? Well you have come to the right place. We have hosted many of meets and would like to share the fun and excitement of car meets with the GTA V community.

-No killing you will be kicked.
-We cruise to where we are going so no crashing into each other ( the best you can ).
-If you are going to yell or argue then you are not welcome.

We park in a bunch of awesome locations & take pictures, then cruise the streets or even burn some rubber racing and occasionally we will run the back roads through the mountains.

Just LEAVE YOUR GAMERTAG and we will invite you. But the fastest and guarantee way is to join our crew so anyone hosting can invite you. I will post on this forum each time we have a meet.


Looking for someone that would like to make a video also message me!

fce95cba87fd989c6696be3eb12324e5.jpg Edited by XaKuTi0n3r
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I attended the last meet (I drove the blue Elegy with gold wheels) and it was a lot of fun, especially the cross-country cruise. Glad to be part of the experience.




Add me: Velnyx

Edited by Velnyx
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We will for sure be doing one tonight around 10:30-11pm est. if we have any before i will post and invite the crew and try to get everyone on here!

Edited by XaKuTi0n3r
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