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My sense of accomplishment is titanitc


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After racing Hil what felt like hundreds of times, I finally won. Man, I remember retrying a few missions like that in GTA3 but it was easily the hardest in VC thus far. Awesome feeling of accomplishment. Plus yer rewarded with a cool bank job mission afterwards. The sorry fat bastard get whacked without even driving. HAHA. Great stuff..

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Luckily I am past that mission, but you have spoiled it for others who haven't reached it yet, please put spoilers a few lines down and point out that a spoiler follows. Cheers. Anyonw stuck on the driver missions gonna hate doing it even more now they know that! LOL  :p

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malibu spoils isnt exactly a spoiler warning.,


some people would think you were talking about the spoils of the malibu.

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