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White Tie Cartel Syllabus + Recruitment thread (xbox 360)

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All initiated players are to be referred to Imahawk10


If u are interested in joining the White Tie cartel contact Imahawk10 on Xbox live by sending a personal message or leave your gamertag on this thread. From there Imahawk10 will try to setup an initiation process for you.


Initiation process- prospect is to perform two jobs. One level 1 security or transport job and one level 1 crew dues job.

Crew Hierarchy

To see our crew hierarchy visit this link! http://www.docdroid.net/97p8/white-tie-flow-chart-final.doc.html


Crew Rules


Any violation of the following rules will result in banishment.




2. Don’ be a Dick!

3. Displaying another crews clan tag.

The 5 Branches of The White Tie Cartel


1. White Ties (Leadership) -These are the shot callers of the crew. They are in charge of promotion, recruiting, and organization of free mode activities.


2. Black Ties (Security) -Black Ties are our muscle. They are in charge of the crew’s security. If a White Tie wants someone dead or just needs some protection they know who to call.


3. Bow Ties (Transport) -Bow Ties are in charge of transport. Our most respected drivers will be given the task of getting us from A to B as quickly as possible. Losing cops is their specialty.


4. White Tie Intelligence Agency (Media) - The White Tie Intelligence Agency is in charge of White Tie Cartel public relations and correspondence. As a WTIA agent you COULD be responsible for developing crew alliances, setting up sting operations, recruiting new crew members, establishing the White Cartel brand and much more. If you enjoy speaking to people or just enjoy creating new logos and taking artistic photographs, this is the branch for you .


5. Mercenaries- Loosely affiliated with the White Tie Cartel, Mercenaries are not bound by the organization in any way. Mercenaries go about their business however they want, yet are still held to the same standard as any other member. Its up to them how they want to make a name for themselves and for the White Tie Cartel.



1. Complete Initiation.


2. Then, select one of the following branches you'd like to pursue in the White Tie Cartel. Black Ties, Bow Ties, White Tie Intelligence Agency, or Mercenaries.


3. Then, select a career path you'd like to pursue in your chosen branch. These can be seen in our crew Hierarchy. click here to see it. http://postimg.org/image/etfmbhdc3/


4. Message Imahawk10 your selection.


5. Read your branches job list to see what is expected of you.





1. White Ties are in charge of promotion and demotion of other crew members. They will be evaluating how you perform branch tasks.


2. Promotion will be determined by how well you perform branch tasks.


3. To be considered for a White Tie position or to get promoted to a higher rank in the White Ties, The only thing that will be evaluated for promotion will be White Tie branch tasks.


4. The wearing of bow ties, black ties, and white ties is not required but will be considered when going up for promotion. Mercenaries can wear whatever they want.


Job Lists

- The following are branch job lists. White Ties will be evaluating your performance of these tasks.


White Ties (Leadership)

Click this link to see jobs. http://www.viewdocsonline.com/document/0f3skr

Black Ties (Security)


Click this link to see jobs. http://www.viewdocsonline.com/document/598r1z


Bow Ties (Transport)


Click this link to see jobs. http://www.viewdocsonline.com/document/21a8aj

White Tie Intelligence Agency (Media)

Click this link to see jobs. http://www.docdroid.net/97pc/white-tie-intelligence-agency-tasks.doc.html




- Mercenaries are crew members who wish not to communicate or cooperate with other crew members.


- If a player fails to select a branch of the Cartel they will be considered a Mercenary.

- Mercenaries cannot be promoted.


- Mercenaries are held to the same rules as any other member.



Edited by Imahawk10

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Right now were about 20 deep and are looking for people who want to be in the White Tie Intelligence Agency. If ur interested check out the description and job list of this branch.

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