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Anyone seen this beach ball challenge


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If you enter the starfish island from the first island and take the first right and then enter the first house on the right with through the hole in their front fence.

If its the right house youll see a cheeta likely right as you pull in and an empty pool off to the left. down in the bottom of the pool is a beach ball that if you run into will knock up into the air and then you have to place yourself under the shadow to keep hitting it up.  A small red number will appear by your head each time you hit it up and this will be recorded in the data screen after the score for the shooter thing.  It will appear as highest score for keepie-uppy beach ball, if you can believe that.


now go do it.

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I'v gotten 35!  It took me forever.

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I posted a topic a few days ago about how my best score was 33, which at the time, I thought was quite good. How wrong I was, everybody pissed all over it.....Booooooo!

Looks like I'll have to spend another 40mins trying to beat it!


By the way, 'Hype' that is one super fly Av & sig, good work.

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i tried ounce and i couldnt get more than 3 or was it 7..either way its hard and i dont like it...i dont remember any shadows though, maybee it was at night thats why i couldnt f*ckin do it at all..never knew where it was going to land..

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  • 4 weeks later...

there's another one of those beach balls in a empty pool on starfish island. It is a lot easier beacause i tends not to leave the pool

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I shoot at it. Why not?

I see if I can keep it in the air with the guns.

Sometimes I can.


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