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Help! i can't buy weapons or tools!


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Hi I'm about 20% done with the game, my last completed mission was "Copland" where I have to blow up the building in the mall, and I am on the mission where I must kill the Hatians in an alley and steal their truck.


When I try to go to an ammunation or tool store I can't buy anything. The Pink buying spot doesn't even show up.  Is this normal? Or is my game fudged up?  


I didn't used any cheats. THis is pissing me off. If it's a glitch I don't want it to be the 3rd time I have to Start this game.


Any help or reassurance that this is normal is appreciated.

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id say its a glitch, go buy a new copy of the game, your file wont be lost as long as it is saved on a memory card

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Great.....I wasn't expecting this :(


What would buying a new game do?  It's still the same game.........no patches or anything.


If I exit my saved game I can buy guns and tools, just not in my saved game.

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