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(PS3) Mostly Harmless Crew for clean racers + creators

Recommended Posts


Clean racing crew for players which are “Mostly Harmless” so race clean, don’t kill crew members and work as a team. The crew has a small blog.


Condensed Crew Rules

1. No modding, money hacks or abuse of other members, in crew or otherwise.

2. Do NOT kill crew members (unless in deathmatch).

3. Aim to race cleanly. No shunting, no pit stop manoeuvres & no ramming of the car in front. You can only pass by going round the car, not through it. Give place back if you force another driver off (including accidents).

4. Play missions as a team. Wait for other players to arrive at location (unless timed), travel together, don’t ram others off the road, etc. Absolutely no time wasting to increase payouts.

5. On spawn after job no killing anyone else that was involved in mission (even bounties). If you want to be killed send a “kill me” message.

You must agree to the above rules to join the crew. Detailed explanations, and further minor rules are provided here.


Creator Challenge Thread - Share your creations and play them in the crew.

Crew Blog - Very small blog on GTA 5 and the Mostly Harmless Crew

Social Club Join Link - Join the Crew


PM if you'd like to take a active part in the crew e.g. blog, host playlists or anything else. I'll promote anyone who takes an active role no matter how small.

Edited by ajm42agrajag

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Sounds great! I just registered and will add you on PSN tonight. Feel free to add me also;


PSN ; Callipygous


I'm a UK PS3 player tired of shunting in races. I'll give the content creator a go when I have some time to contribute properly. I'm online several times a week but, only for an hour or 2 usually. Happy to play all game modes with players that are not out to double cross me....


Looking forward to it!



Edited by Callipygous

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Great. Glad to have you on board. Main reason I started the crew was the number of times I was getting shunted. Content creator is pretty time consuming, but good fun. The main problem is getting people to play your content... hopefully if more people join the crew this should be a little easier for crew members.


Added, by the way. If you know anyone else whose OK with the crew rules feel free to invite them.

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For anyone thinking of joining I've done a quick (hypothetical) FAQ:


Why should I join?

  • A good crew logo (that is impossible to do now), Black crew colour and members who are Mostly Harmless.
  • Play playlists regularly - no jumping from lobby to lobby
  • Link to Content Creation thread


What if I don't race or create content?

You are still free to join. All I ask is that when you do race you race cleanly - without shunting. I play a lot of missions at the moment and with new members joining there's no reason not to join up.


Any planned improvements?

I'm looking at sensible ways for crew meet-ups and ways to encourage content creation. The crew is obviously small at the moment so finding other crew members is difficult for now. The crew can only grow if more people join so join now

Edited by ajm42agrajag

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​I've relaunched the crew. Everything is basically the same as before but I've edited the rules and the content creation part of the crew now lives on GTA forums rather than Google Docs.

Original Post contains info of the new changes i.e. it's up-to-date.

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