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"Beta testers" needed for created race.[PS3]

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Hello everyone,


I've just published a race and would appreciate if you guys can try it out for me.


This is a fast paced, race in a HUGE loop around Los Santos.

Also with BIG high speed jumps.

It starts on the highway on the west coast and runs all the way up north and back down the east coast.

Then it takes a detour thru the city and heads back to the east coast and finally back on the highway to head north to where the race started.

This is a long(13.6 mi) lap race so I would strongly suggest only 1 lap.

You can use any type of car you want(I would suggest super but whatever tickles your fancy)

I spent alot of time on this so there really should be anything that needs fixed very bad. But someone else may notice something I didn't.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this race. Things that need to be fixed, suggestions, etc.

So if you like to go balls to the wall in your favorite car give this race a try.


Rockstar Social Club Link: http://rsg.ms/MM7ipa

PSN: xXscoty2dopeXx


P.S. Anybody is welcome to add me, I could always use more people to join up with!!!!

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Ill give it a try.

Psn t-roy77

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I'll have a go


PSN: fiery_truth

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Added, I'll test tonight, looks a good track.


PSN DavidCore89

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