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[Q|SA] CustomPlateFormat Question

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Hey, I have installed the CustomPlateFormat ASI and it works great, but I want to know how you can make every car appear with a unique number plate (e.g. all Perennials have the same number plate, all Taxis have the same number plate, all Buffalos have the same number plate etc. etc. etc.) either through editing the CustomPlateFormat or by any other means of modding. If anybody knows how to do this, please let me know. Thanks for reading!

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Such post would go great in the existing topic, as I have a habit of half-writing replies, forgetting I'm writing them, then forgetting about this topic completely... at least if it's in my own topic I can see it on my topic list and remember to re-write the reply :p


Anyway, CustomPlateFormat has no model-specific settings. It's a really simple program, with a source code provided in case anyone wants to meddle with stuff in a more useful way. There's always been this opcode for model-specific number plates:

0674: set_car_model_plate $IMPORT_CARS_MODEL($IMPORT_PANEL_ROW,6i) to "N13_LLF_"

However as far as I'm aware, you'd have to loop it and if two vehicles with the same model were created between script executions, the latter would use default plate generation. It's working-ness is also known to be very model-dependent and buggy, where custom plates my only render properly on damaged components for some crazy reason.


However, I happen to have figured out a better way to do it (will work after vehicle creation and possibly allow more customisation), but it seems that it will require more code than I first thought and now isn't a great time to get it done. I might be able to release some sort of full license plate customisation mod in the future, however ;)

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I made a script lately which spawns Pulaski's Buffalo in Grove Street.

09E2: $416 = parked_car_generator_w_numberplate #BUFFALO 1 1 1 alarm 0 door_lock 0 0 10000 plate " PULASKI" at 2443.1279 -1644.3178 13.4689 angle -178.0014C: set_parked_car_generator $416 cars_to_generate_to 101 0A95: enable_thread_saving 0A93: end_custom_thread 

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Well, that is code great if you want to:

a) overwrite a global variable used in many missions to store the status of character tasks

b) permanently add a car spawn to your save which you will never be able to remove without some really hacky techniques

c) possibly exceed the car spawn limit if this method is used enough times by other scripts (ever in the saved games lifetime)

d) require the main.scm to actually have a variable $416 (which modified main.scm's may not) and require it and any other scripts including CLEO's to also not use it for anything which may bug or crash the game when overwritten with a car generator handle


The best way is to not save the script, and have it as a looping condition which checks if the player is in range of the spawn point, loads and creates the car manually and marks it as deletable by the game. Then waits for the player to leave the area before re-entering the stage where it will be spawned again.


Then, the entire script basically becomes a car generator, which can be easily removed, doesn't depend on data being stored in the save and hopefully you'd also use local variables so the script may never conflict with any other.


But you said you wanted every car to appear with a number plate. I could provide some limited ways to do that through a slightly complex CLEO, or even better ways to do that in a more sophisticated ASI hook. In fact, I reckon it would be feasible to add support for custom plate textures and font styles also. However it would require modification or CLEO hookage of the main.scm to say, integrate this into Transfender. It's the kind of thing I was working on in Vigilante Justice, but I guess I could update CustomPlateFormat and make it a thousand times more awesome :p

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...but I guess I could update CustomPlateFormat and make it a thousand times more awesome :p

It would be awesome if you were to update your CustomPlateFormat, Deji. Sorry that I had to create a new topic for this question by the way, for some reason it wouldn't let me PM you (it may be because you have reached your message quota). Anyway, I seem to recall reading something in a thread a while back, aStiffSausage asked if every vehicle could spawn with a unique number plate and somebody (I don't remember the name or the thread) replied with something that he could add on to the config file (or it could've been CLEO, I really can't remember). It was like "CAR_CHEETAH_set_numberplatetext" or something. Sorry if I'm rambling a bit, but I love the vanilla vehicles in SA and I wanted a little extra "realism". Also, thanks for replying ;)

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