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Gta vice disc read error


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Ok So i playing GTA Vice and Bah Game freezes im like hm ok.... then reset get a disc error so im pissed... take the game back get a new one play it one time after that i get disc read error again.... so im thinkin ok my ps2 is broke ok no scracthes on the disc hmmmmm lets go buy a lens cleaner do that same thing.... i put in GTA 3 and 3 other games which all work!!! WTF

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Arg i gotta send that piece of sh*t PS2 in to get fixed for free gotta wait a few weeks god damnit i was at 88% complete too....

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there have been a hellava lota people getting this problem. doesn't seem a little odd that all of these people who all own GTA: Vice City all of a sudden their PS2 which were working perfectly fine 1 day and all of a sudden just went bad after playing Vice City. i think that there is a possiblility that VC is causing paticular ps2 models to break down. lets find out, zero whats the model# and serial # of your PS2.

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Same thing happened to me, a month after my goddamn warranty on my ps2 ran out, so i dismantled my ps2 & cleaned the lens properly (in my experience, lens cleaners aren't very effective.) My ps2 now loads faster than it has done in ages. It was a last resort before going out to buy a new ps2 tho. I guess the ps2 is just highly sensitive to dust. :yingyang:

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I've started having that problem as well, but the game doesn't freeze and die completely.  It just stops for a few seconds, then keeps on going.  I think it's the 'New Data Streaming Technology' that does it.  The CD is constantly spinninbg in the drive, and that can't be good for it.  Most games just load the data off the CD and then play, but VC just keeps on loading, even after hours and hours of intense play.

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ok lots of people have this problem your not alone., and almost everyone who has this problem GTA is usually one of the first games of thiers to start doing it. i posted step by step instructions on how to open your PS2 and clean the optics here




i asked a mod to sticky/pin it for me but i got no response, thx anyway mods.

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yeh, same thing happened to me, i will play for aboot an hour, then my ps2 will start making noises and freeze. i cleaned my system and it worked good for about 2 hours, then it started up again. sony needs to make a cold air intake for the front of the ps2 :D

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hmmm that sounds wierd, we cleaned our the day vice city came out and havent had to clean it sense although we have had maybe one crash and alittle bit of lag inbetween loading after a death but it always works fine for a few months.

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