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Favorite crime boss and favorite mission

CoLuMbIaN cArTeL

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CoLuMbIaN cArTeL

My favourite mission was from myself Tommy Vercitti and it was Copland,how about all yall????????  :die:  :r*:  :die:

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I am thinking Diaz.


The greatest mission of all the job!! RObbing the bank is soo cool.  I wanted to rob a bank in GTA3 but I couldnt.


Hopefully in the next GTA you can rob banks like you rob stores!! that would be sweet ass

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I agree with shortprsn. I loved 'Phnom Penh '86'. Maybe not the best mission of the game, but I thought that it was pretty damn fun.

Diaz was probably my favorite boss, because he had the most character out of anyone in the game; most of the time, he was just damn funny. He also had two of the best missions (or at least my favorite).

'Supply and Demand' was also a good mission. I guess I like the kind where someone drives and I shoot.


:die:  :devil:

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i liked the last malibu where you rob the bank with hilary and cam and phil. i loved when hilary died(he made me try 1000000000 times on the driver. i hate him

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Yup, Diaz is the winner.


D :"Eats my favorite El Burro tape. What else could I do?"


V: "It probably wasn't plugged in."


D : "Really? Awww man."


Supply and Demand was the greatest one.

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I also liked "The Job" but it you had almost no control, it was all cut-scened for you.


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Diaz was my favorite too


My favorite mission was either "The Job", "Supply and Demand", or "Boomshine S?????"

f*ck y'all if you doubt me, i'm a f*ckin' hood i say it proudly
user posted image

i'm running backwards, watching my life wave me goodbye



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I liked Phil's mission where you waged war on the streets with the trucks and those guys on the Faggios.  That rocked.

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The Eye of Sauron

Favorite Employer: Umberto

Favorite Mission: Trojan Voodoo




I love the big battle in that level. And I think Umberto is funny as hell.

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Fav. Boss : Colonel Cortez

Fav. Mission : Hmm . Guardian Angels / All Hands on Deck ( I think thats the mission name )

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