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[Idea for new forum feature] Event Calendar to assist meetups

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Okay the following will present an idea which will add a lot value, and I haven't seen anywhere else.


First of all, I am organizing regularly meetups with other crews (crew battles), or with by other specific purpose (Creators playlists, Car meets).


Guys like me (event hosts) and participants will find it tremendously useful if you add a "GTA Online Event Calendar" feature separate for each platform.


THE IDEA - It is simple calendar feature added in the Forums menu, where you can add a new event, fix the specific date & time, then other people can see easily upcoming events and sign up using the same calendar feature.

Will be also great if you can give a bad rating to people sign up for the event but they don't actually join.



  • Easy to find time-specified events - It is difficult to make a specific fixed event noticeable in the Find a Group & Meetups, as there are many other topics often about gathering people of the same interests, but not making a specific arrangement. The forum structure is OK to gather people of interest, but it does not work when you want to fix a specific event.
  • Easier alignment between timezones (once you set up the timing, it is automatically converted to the timezone of each viewer). I already had few occasions when people made a mistake in the time zone conversion and they miss/join late
  • Hosts will use GTAforums.com heavily to facilitate their events. Currently I am communicating more via Xbox live messaging, Social club and other communication means to make all arrangements. If we have an event calendar, it will be no longer necessary, I can use only GTAforums for event coordination


Let me know what you think. Hope you find this idea useful, and eventually materialize it.


Thank you.

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You could make a topic here, have it pinned http://gtaforums.com/forum/231-events/ some live calendar or so, and in there keep track of upcoming events, to raise the activity there even further, it would surely do good for all the current events!


As for the idea, it's theoretically impossible, as GTAF is a GTA forum for everything, not just events & GTA Online.

There is Modding, GTA Talk, Online and Events talk, Forum Groups, Expression and the General Community, and they are all treated equally, it's not strictly a forum for events, and thus there is no number 1 priority.. (hope i said this correctly)

Edited by AndyGanteks

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Thank you for the response.


Alright. Can you help in creating a pinned topic in http://gtaforums.com/forum/231-events/

adding a Live calendar feature, so users can add upcoming events there?

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As for the idea, it's theoretically impossible, as GTAF is a GTA forum for everything, not just events & GTA Online.



It's far from impossible, and it's a good idea. :^:

It just won't happen however, because there is nobody who actually runs this forum, that will make the effort to implement any improvements to the events/meet-up sub-forums, such as a calendar schedule.

I have a topic which is currently pinned, that was a 'database' for all events running at the time and past events that had passed, however since the last forum update, something went wrong with the table coding, so I've not updated the topic for a while, despite wanting to do so for GTAOnline, I wouldn't mind adding a time/date feature to it in the next update.

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