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The driver mission


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How do i beat the guy.. i have a crappy ass Sentinal and he gots a Muscle car.. wtf.. what do i do to beat him ? help !

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This is one of the most difficult missions in the game (at least with some of the other missions you can use cheats if you're that desparate). It does take some careful driving. If you are on a straight stretch of road, you will eventually pull in front of him. However, when you do this, you are more prone to cops and pedestrian cars. Stay right on his rear bumper and push him along. When he turns, you might get lucky and you will push him into a wall, car, or even a cop. Every once in a while, he will spin out, but it is rare. From here, drive the BEST that you can. He will not just give up and will be back on to you shortly. Don't be afraid to use your handbrake on turns.


Hope you can make use out of this!

:die:  :devil:

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There some "tricks" you can do.


1.enter the mission with 2 stars.You are going to get them anyways.If you do this,Hilliarys car will be rammed at the start by the police causing him damage.


2.at the start,hold look right and fire along with accelerate and you can shoot out his rear tire.


3.Park the dirt ring racer down the course so it won't be removed by the cutscene.Actually get out and change cars.If you can't beat him in this car,even with the headstart,then you just can't beat him


4.Cut the last corner by the police bribe if it is close.


5.Stay behind him until you reach the T intersection near the Ammunation in Ocean Beach.He will get rammed on 2 sides by police.If you back off a touch just before here,you can just cruise by as he gets spun out.


6.Its not that easy but you try the police "pit" maneuver by just touching his car in the right or left rear.You can spin him out yourself but this isn't always so easy and can easily lead to an early abandonment of the attempt :(


7.Know the course well and practice.It will come.

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This mission mainly rides on luck. I got lucky though, after trying about 4 times and won the next.


Lucky move: Just after grabbing the checkpoint next to the Washington Mall, just behind Hilary, the two cop cars rush in and sandwich Hilary instead of me, he recovers it a bit, I get in to the lead while he gets back on track. Just after that I see Hillary closin' in behind me then I see a cop car come rushing up in front of me. I dodge the cruiser and it beams Hilary right square in the front. That was the finisher for Hilary. I just cruised on by and won the race.

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