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[W.I.P]Ghost Rider Power Mod

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Hello,i'am in a way make Ghost Rider feature for SA, and i already make chain and it not good to much and don't like this video:

some pics of my chain mod :


and future plant is Penance Stare,Fireball throw,callbike.... and i not good so much at CLEO so i need someone good at CLEO scripts help me tounge2.gifcomplete this
hmm the chain still got bug so i'am try to fix it and will upload as soon as i can biggrin.gif
Here is some progress of my mod :
Bike feature:
Speed Kill: Done
Bike Float on water:not made
Call bike:not made
Ghost Rider feature:
Ghost Rider chain:Done
Penance Stare : Done (next will add sound for him)
Fireball throw: not done yet (done soon)
FlameThrower:Done (some bug with ped and vehicle)
more screenshots:

BETA VERSION RELEASE: (copy and paste or link not work)

need help with some issue of cleo scripts

Edited by MegamanZXA

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Cool mod dude, finally The Ghost Rider can destroy San Andreas with the real Ghost Rider Powers xD

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The Rider will become more and more powerful, burn any devil like Black Heart

Edited by MegamanZXA

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