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SecuROM Error 2000



I have tried everything under the sun that I can find*, including all the stuff @ http://gtaforums.com/topic/382330-seculauncher-failed-to-start-application-2000/page-2 (& page 1), and nothing works. See, I had just reinstalled my operating system (*so the cleaning the registry of GTA entries was redundant, and hence was not reinitiated), Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and it WAS working before that. I don't mod my files because that can adversely impact the game (like cheat saves do), nor do I use cracks ——don't need to, 'cause I purchased a digital copy. I'm at my wits' end; it's really chapping my hide because the first time around I didn't get that error.



Damifino why, but I'm not getting tht error message anymore. Evidently, the interfering application decided to lay off after one of many reboots/system updates. So, the issue is dead.



System Specifications
CPU: AMD FX Black 6100 6-Core 3.3 GHz
MBD: GA-970A-UD3
GPU: MSI TwinFrozr III R7850 2 GB GDDR5¹

HD0: 500 GB Seagate SATA III
HD1: 750 GB Seagate SATA III Solid State Hybrid
SCR: Acer S232HL LCD Monitor²
Native Resolution of 1920•1080 @ 75 Hz

¹Managed by AMD Catalyst Control Center w/ability to overclock CPU & GPU
²Managed by Acer eDisplay Management


Edited by gremlinkurst

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Sup Gremlinkurst...


Try becoming the "owner" of the "Rockstar Games" folder in Program Files(x86), plus make sure your user name has "full control" in the "Group or User Names" window.


NOTE: Also check the box "replace owner on subcontainers and objects"


All of the above can be edited when you right click the " Rockstar Games" folder and go to the "Security" tab.


Then Try running the game as "Admin"


Best of luck bud =/

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