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Gang attacks

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A few questions.


I've noticed not all Attacks are available from the off (LV 18). At what level or conditions are they all available? Also, in spite of the generic nature of things does anyone have a favourite or go to attack?


Does anyone have a string of attacks they play to pass an hour or so?


Finally, How the frig do you actually do the altruist attack without the cops?

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When trying to get my grim reaper tattoo, I did the gang attacks in Sandy Shores and surrounding area, that was my strategy to accomplish the 5 in the time required. In fact I did 6 because there is no alert that you have done it...so I squeezed another gang attack in and it still wasn't until I hit that tattoo shop and saw that it was unlocked.


But if you are talking about just for fun, I haven't attempted it but I'd probably ride the train and get off wherever I saw the red indicator circle on the map.


As for what level unlocks which Gang attack, you might have to google that and see if there is a guide somewhere.

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I have googled it and while the locations and times of day are given the unlock conditions (bar lv 18) aren't. I bring the point up as the attack at the gas plant didn't appeal at level 18 for me, but now at lvl 54 it's there (8pm-4am) (tough attack).

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