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What better cars gta3 or vice?


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I think the cars in Vice are not that good.I like 3 cars more.Most of the cars in Vice are slow,they dont look so good either.I the only car i thought was improved was the infernus,but the cheetah look weird,but i must say the bikes are not bad,but compared to the pictures i saw on the internet the bikes looked much better in the pictures than in the game,still it makes it much more funner.What cars you think are better 3 or Vice,which ones you think are improve?     :sui:  :sneaky:  :furious:

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I only liked the cop cars and the Sentinel better in GTA3. Everything else is waaaay improved. The FBI Rancher kicks ass, as do the PCJ's.


Vice Cars > GTA3 cars

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VC cars are waaaaay better. Some of the sports cars in GTA3 looked cooler, but thats it. Ya can't touch the vice baby!



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I agree; the cars in Vice City are better than GTA3. I do like the Mafia Sentinel from GTA3 more than the two sentinels of VC, but other than that, much better. Whenever I drove the Banshee in GTA3 (especially in bad weather), I was spinning out and all over the road. This one is much easier to use. As well as the bikes (they kick ass) and being able to fly almost effortlessly. Btw, has anyone noticed that GTA3 was really the 4th installment of the GTA series (GTA, GTA2, GTA London: 1969, GTA3, and VC).

PS: If I'm not mistaken, tommyvice, isn't the Cheetah exactly the same as in GTA3, or am I thinking about the Infernus.


:die:  :devil:



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Mario Vercetti

GTA London was like an expansion pack. You needed the first game to play it, so, no, GTA3 is not the 4th installment.

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london was one little city, woohoo

gta 3 style was better for sports cars, and the cop cars were incredibly way much better.

vice infernus, fbi rancher, undercover cheetah, choppers, motorcycles, and the four cars you get when you complete the car list are big advances.  with the undercover cheetah, no need for good normal cop car.

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Top cars from GTA3:

FBI car

Police car




Yardie---Leopard seats, hydros

Mafia Sentinel


Top cars from Vice:

FBI Rancher

Undercover Cheetah

Sabre Turbo

Cuban Gang car



GTA3 in my opinion has better cars, but Vice does have the motorcycles and helicopters. But we were just talking about the cars, right?

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my fav vice cars are:


fbi rancher



undercover cheetah

pcj motorcycle


the only thing i liked about gta3s cars were:


different colored patriots

mafia sentinel

and... i think thats it

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Digital Murders

The only thing I hate about the Vice City cars are the look, and I can't help that much since it takes place in the 80's. So since I'm not used to it, I'm still gonna say I liked GTA3s cars. Except the PCJ does make my loins quiver.  :D

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