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Does anyone still go back to GTA IV?

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Your post perfectly shows your bullsh*t. Quote me one time (I am not asking for more) where I used something like that "bawww it's just my opinion!" I am not really sure what are you trying to achieve here, but either you are completely blind (yes, I am offending you, I am that bad and deranged) or you mistook me for someone else.

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golf wang

I played IV again today after not having played it for a few months. While the controls and cover system still felt a little clunky to me, I had a good time playing it. It was nice to be in Liberty City again and explore the different interiors which aren't present in V. I still prefer V, but IV definitely has some good features that should have carried over into V. The big one for me is being able to turn on and off the engine in the car by holding Y, I miss that feature.

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That's be redundant but whatever.


Apparently, having an opinion automatically turns you into fanboy.


This post gave me cancer.


Somebody is getting bashed for giving his opinion, because apparently it got old. Great line of defense for V lovers.


At least you're not denying being a condescending douchebag who thinks his words are objective and anyone who disagrees is an idiot. Shame though because you're almost 30 years old, and most people definitely learn by that time that the world doesn't revolve around them.

But at least sometimes it's hilarious, like that time you decided to play Dark Souls, didn't like it and the first thing you had to do was to tell how stupid and wrong everyone who plays it is and chimped out further when people didn't take it well.


No matter, I'm gonna lose here anyway because I don't have a group of cocksuckers backing me on a forum where douchebaggery and passive-aggressiveness is mistaken for intelligence.

Edited by PowerKracker

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Cool, I guess our feeling for each other is mutual, but calling other members (probably worthy people) as cocksuckers, because they can agree with me (and I can with them from time to time) is not exactly nice. Also nice to know that apparently 45 years old guy living in "my mom's face" got so much interest in my person full of douchebaggery and passive-agressiveness. Did you get aroused by typing all that crap and spying my profile? Cool, then I guess you're at least satisfied with one matter of your life.


I didn't want anything from you and your walking here, straight out of the blue and throwing expletives around didn't make any actual progress to that exact debate.

Edited by Tycek

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Yes, I'm totally that old, it just so happens I was born on 6/9 of 69.

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Lethal Vaccine

Glad that fool is gone! :D

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