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You're a P***y


193 members have voted

  1. 1. Have You Ever Gotten a PM Calling You Names After Schooling Them?

    • Yes
    • Nos

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Shout out to those two Australians that were killing everyone for no reason, only to get sniped from the Maze tower by yours truly, I then went on passive mode and kept following them about getting in the way of their sniping/shooting of other players. The amount of "you're a pussy" messages and on the mic racial abuse I got was hilarious. Good times.

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I've seen similar topics yesterday, can't you just block that user once for all? Is that hard?

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Some of those big mouth microphone warriors need to be force fed a golf club irl. I got called like 6 names an hour ago when I free fell through half the checkpoints on a parachute jump. Always some level 30 kid who is miserable, hates the game, hates life, and has to spread his misery to others.

ikr it's always level 20-30 who are the worst. i made a level 7 and it always get's attacked by level 20-30, and they always suck bad at free aim pvp.

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I always call them a pussy when they're cheap-killing me a couple times and won't agree to a one on one deathmatch

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I had a guy earlier lob a grenade in amunation and kill me. Then ran me over soon as I respawned twice. Calling me a pussy cks he was 3-0 up. Then I shotgunned hin as he came at me again. And he called me a fag. Got 2 more kills on him and he managed to get me. Then got 3 on him and he ran kff to get a tank cos the score had gone from 3-0 up to 6-4 down. He came past in a tank and I laughed at him and went to do landing strip.

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Last person I sent the message "pussy" to had planted stickies outside LSC, blew me up, ran to his apartment, and then left the game. I think he deserved it.

sorry i ran out of ammo and didnt realize till i tried to shoot you, I'll get you next time


u left out the part where i landed in your session and it was just you spawn killing a 5RP(loser u r), a Simeon car pops up and u run right to it, drive right at me while I'm at LSC like I aint gonna blast you fool, u should know better and I should have been better equipped, I will find u........remember "u mad bro" watched u on my TV all angry running back and forth to my front door and garage, funny shyt


You do realize he's screwing with you and the chances of that being him is slim....right?

Edited by AiraCobra

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I send the P***Y message to players who drive backworks in thier entity's shooting.


One player yesterday was doing it constantly, when his car got damaged, he would head to his house, garage it so it came back clean, and go back out firign backwards. If I was a high ehough level, I would have RPG'd his ass until I was throwen into the BS lobby.

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Don't you just love it when you get a PM from someone you just killed or got revenge on in GTA and they send you a PM calling you a P***y or F*g or whatever they like to call you.




You only get them after you've went and schooled them after they start the fight


Tonight this kid was in his tank blowing everything up and I made a wrong turn right into him and he blew me up fair enough but then he spawn killed me several more times even in passive mode.


So I go and get my tank to give him a taste of what he gave me so I get my tank and blow up his tank he sends me a PM calling me a P***y because I needed a tank to blow up his tank I was going to leave it at that then I got that wonderful little PM from him so I decided to do what he did to me I spawn killed him about 5 times the same amount he did to me.


He sends me another PM telling me to get out of the tank and that I couldn't kill him without the tank, So I get out of the tank and I school him killing him every time he came at me I never moved from where I killed him I let him come to me in case he wanted to quit and walk away 5 more times he comes running at me and each time I kill him.


So then I get a 3rd PM from him calling me a F***ing F***ot and then he left the room.


GTAO is just a fun and warm fuzzy place to be I don't understand why more people don't come and play here in the land of candy, rainbows and unicorns.


People get so damn serious in this game sometimes so serious they get so mad they send you PM's it's just a game.


If you're going to send me a hate PM at least be clever in what you say.




Share your stories of sunshine and rainbows people sent to you



lmfao! you get some weirdo's.


i had a guy on mic 2 nights ago, we got into a gun fight, just passing each other by, 2 of them and myself and a crew member, so we start killing each other, but this guys going off and im just laughing, i kill him and his buddy like 5 times in a row and when he got 1 kill in his like "yeah how u like dat b*tch?" lmfa! 1 kill to my 5???


anyways so it goes on, then before i got bored i check the scores again, i had this guy 14 kills to 6 but his ranting and raving about me being a b*tch and a p*ssy lol, absolute nut case. eventually as i was on mic i said "im a P*ssy?, after 14 kills to your 6???" and just laughed, i then went on to say "ok Mary Poppins, relax, its just a game, dont blow a vessel or artery or something lol"



then yesterday i have this kid, trash talking and spawn killing me when i was trying to do something, so i got upset and retailiated, same thing, this kid had only killed me 2 times to my killing him 17 times lmfao, but his trash talking and being a little pr*ck, so he gets upset and dissapears, i go on my business and here he comes with his tank, fair enough he spawn kills me twice, so i eventually make my way to a block of flats in passive mode close to the movie house where they fetch their tanks, i hid away so he cannot reach me, disable spawn mode and start throwing grenades, it only took about 6 or 7 grenades as i couldnt see if i was hitting him and 4 stick bombs all in a few seconds and BOOM!!!! bye bye tank lol, what a wanker... we ended on me 22 to his 4 with a tank that he thought would help wtf...


you gotta love this game, they think they so clever or good yet you handing them their Asses on a golden platter and they still trash talk you lol.


this game is gonna be the reason for many a heart attacks, relax people, its a game.

Edited by Horndog_SA

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Standing afkish whilst I eat

guys throws a grande at me

i jump out of the way and shoot him


he comes back in a car about to run me over

i shoot him


he parks the car away this time and runs down the road

i snipe him


he gets his friend in the car

i use the grenade launcher


he calls me a fa**ot

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Loving these stories, Keep em coming

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Usually after I own someone a few times in freemode that pussy brings out his tank. LMAO. Only pussies use tanks to kill other players.

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Really the only pussies on this game are the following:
1. People who need tanks to win battles - Certified pussies.

2. People who use cheats to win. Ie. God-mode or other cheats. - Bigger pussies than tank users.

3. People who start fights they can't finish. - Pussies.

There's a guy, Bigbongmong. If you kill him because he is useless, he will step to you trying to kill you and anybody can own this fool, he then runs off and gets a tank and cries into his handset when you go into your apartment because you can't be bothered to deal with a tank pussy lol.
I mean seriously? You automatically admit defeat the minute you step into a tank. Albeit the circumstances differ, such as using a tank to take down a god-mode noob or using a tank to take down a tank noob (Like OP said) Those reasons aren't the same obviously.

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You automatically admit defeat the minute you step into a tank


Edited by dzian

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And I've sent some too.. In several languages. I get creative sometimes and humurous anothers
But it's only a game that can't be taken seriously

Since it happens frequently, I remember some fresh stories:

some dude started trying to blow up my entity with his buzzard.. in the vinewood area.

He says "omg you really suck, noob" .. fast forwarding
my buzzard kills him and I send him like "noob".(we traded some kills: I killed him with a buzzard, on foot, with a tank and
he ran me over with the tank on passive twice, plus some other). I was satisfied with the result and was going to start a quick job - deathmatch and hear the message blip, I return to the lobby to read the message: noob, you can only kill my in a tank bla bla.
Went to a vantage point and send my reply: come closer

then boom sniped him from maze tower in his tank (near rockford plaza/LSC)

messaged him something like "I thought so"

Another one
It was night and I hunted a bounty near the LS airport, parked my car in the upper floor and then jumped to the terminal bellow to cash 1k bounty. I had to steal a vapid stanier to retrieve my car and got a 5k bounty from it..
A guy chases me, got killed, Went inside the seven-eleven to buy some snacks a guy tries to kill me with a buzzard, I minigun him, then from a rooftop, I kill him and snipe the rotor of his buzzard. Got killed by another guy (>lvl 100) which was clever enough to hide his bleep at night.

My bounty was collected. But then starts a war. Another dude lands a buzzard on a rooftop, I whack him and kill the buzzard. Someguy starts annoying me and got like 3-1 kills, we has lvl110, by sniping me while I was busy with other players. I highlight him and start avenging for his bad behavior. I get sidetraked sometimes by some other players and kill some.

There we were near Grove Street, already daylight and I start to hear some dude over the mic: "If it is not me, it will be one of my friends We are going to gang up on you. Yeah, you are high level but not in a crew.. (actually I am but it didn't appear, whatever) you are alone" and said some other rude stuff, they were like ranked in the range of lvl80-110.
I got the upper hand againts this lvl110 guy and he goes into passive. He calls his friends and suddenly there's a car with 2 players bleep approaching. I pull my minigun and set it on fire. After my teleportation to somewhere else, I restock ammo and he follows me and tries to run me over with his chrome adder. He got killed instead, so as he kept chasing me and I wanted to see his Adder burn and him paying for it, I went to the police station, where he followed me and I killed him once more, then I got a tank and trashed his Adder, he got the bill, went into passive and I sat on him. Then I left the session. Yeah, I'm a synonym of cat too

Edited by greedy

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I started playing a deathmatch like prison thugz (but without the idiotic bus, cool map) and got killed removing my armor graphic and trying to get a weapon, while some guy was saying on the mic "no no no there is not a knife there, not that lame map, you chump" And I just thought wow, that's awesome, I always loved the baseball bat you are doomed! They were all 100/100 health except one girl, which sometimes apologized on the mic when she was killed.
We won and in the end at the animation, as I was the guy with most kills my character showed the finger and the guy said on the mic "You look like a prison bitch". memorable

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Just had one.

Two guys picking on some lonely dude around Michael's mansion. I was cruising through and see a Coquette parked outside and I correctly assume it belongs to the level 85 and his friend inside massacring a level 30 something. I bust out my jerry can and proceed to dose the car in sweet gasoline and an extra dose near the exhaust.

Long story short, the two little buddies get into the car, his coquette's exhaust ignites, car explodes with both in it, in an all out BBQ glory while I was watching from above. Charred corpses aside, they decide to come after me, spewing curses to which I proceed to teach them a lesson in proper education using a shotgun, a sniper and a few stickies. After a score of 15-6 or something I've had enough and decided to just walk away (killing them as they came at me).


Here I am, doing my thing miles away in Blaine and receive a message calling me 'Pussy, why'd you run?'. Dafuq?

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I got two more from yesterday and tonight.


.The one from yesterday was from me helping a friend of my friend list who's a level 34.


He was being ganged up on the beach by 5 crew members so it was 5 vs 1.


He asked if I could come lend him a hand so I went and got my tank and proceeded down the beach and I turned off my radar and snuck up on em and he went into passive so I wouldn't kill him and I blasted each of them one by one, one after another and they all kept coming at me and I killed em each time I killed all of them no less then 10 times.


Then one sent me a message saying get out of that tank you pussy and fight like a real man, I said I will when it's level you're calling me a pussy because I killed you guys in a tank but it's okay for you guys to spawn kill a guy by himself if anybody a "pussies" it's you guys not me.


They left him and I alone after that.


Earlier tonight I was AFC and on pause and this guy kept killing me with a tank and then all the sudden he got blasted by a girl friend of mine in the game who is a helluva player and after she blew up his tank he went after her and tried to kill her several times but she popped him each time.


After he left the session he said you're such a pussy if you need a girl to fight your battle for you next time and be a man and do it yourself...


I said I was AFC & on Pause as you know because how else did you get kill after kill without me moving then you got beat by a girl if anybody the pussy here it's you getting cheap shot kills and then getting your butt kicked.


No reply after that but Is it me or was he taken the fact that he got whupped by a girl out of me?


I find it funny how man these "men" get on GTAO when they find out they've been schooled by a girl and then they send the rest of there night in that session trying to get there revenege like what is killing her going to prove that your a man again?


Your boys have already seen you got beat by a chick nothing is going to redeem your pride not even killing her so move on

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