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The GTA V beta hunt

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Konata Inoue
9 minutes ago, Pizzahut said:

nope, it doesn't have that balcony.


might be wrong, but I think it's a different shot of Micheal drinking whiskey at the end of the FIB bureau raid in franklin's house.

Yup, that's certainly the case. I somehow always forget about the bureau raid. 


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Konata Inoue

Has anybody tried implementing the buildings / structures from Arena War? (I'm on about the ones that are from the cut single player zombie DLC ) If not and there's interest, I'll do more. 

Here be the gas station from Arena War / Zombies









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Konata Inoue

Here's some more stuff regarding SP_Zombie / Arena War

Damaged Liquor Ace sign



Murietta Heights pump jacks.


There were Green and Black ones in Arena War, so I applied both textures to the ones in Los Santos. 
Minor note: The Arena War pumpjacks have a damaged Brute logo on them, but it's not seen here as I didn't mess with the embedded textures. 

One of the power plant buildings which required notable modifications. 


(A ton of powerplant stuff was included w/ Arena War, I'll the rest in the future)

Top is the version from AW, just cut in half, but I since stretched it, redid the UV maps, and yeah.

Vespucci Condo
Don't mind my lovely mouse writing skill.


This was and is a pain in the ass, as the textures aren't appropriately showing in game, so I'll just redo it. Take some 3ds max shots for now, I'll update with ingame pics soon. 


Yellow line is outlining extra Air Conditioners
Blue line is showing the height difference


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Awesome work! It's cool to see how these assets were originally intended to be used. Probably not intentional but I only now realized how similar Arena War sounds to Alien War which I believe was the internal name for the second DLC.

Edited by D T
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Konata Inoue

I don't know if it's ever been mentioned before, but has anyone ever noticed Karen Daniels (Michelle) has a ton of voice lines? It seems she and Trevor would've met at one point, as she has lines for in case Trevor dies, including some referring to him as "The tool"


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Probably meant to be used for the post story DLC with Trevor doing stuff for the IAA that was eventually recycled into Series A Heist, and I think the Doomsday Heist and Gunrunning? Correct me if I’m wrong about the latter. I’m not 100% on that one, but I’m pretty positive about the Series A Heist

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Cutter De Blanc

My favorites were, "I'll interrogate you when youre dead" and "If I knock your teeth out I cant pull them"


Seems like her and Trevor would have gotten along well

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Konata Inoue

More SP_Zombies stuff. 

Grand Banks foundry. (Y'know, the place from Ending C?) 
Arena war had all the pieces separate so I had to put them together and make minor modifications, opposed to the base game which has them all together as one. 
Minor modifications include adjusting the width of the Grand Banks gate and minor editing to the pipe that goes from the top of the gate to the building.
Also. I would've taken in game pics, but I'm getting an error upon importing to the RPF



Something a tad more interesting is that there's an Arena theme that includes part of the above BUT this version sports different banners that have what I'm assuming are faction emblems? I come to that conclusion since they are completely unrelated to the anti-corporation themes of the rest.




Edited by Konata Inoue
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Here's some news about my progress on the beta GFX !


 Here is the first result of my re-creation of the round minimap, I hope to be able to present a fully functional version before the end of the month. Don't pay attention to the scenery, this is the mapping of my GTA Zombies project.




Here is the first version of my work that I presented in July to my community for comparison.


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