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Brown thunder


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I love the Brown Thunder missions.  When I play them it seems like I am playing a totally different game.  I try to see how high I can get my Vigilante mission level.  So far I have tried it twice and beat Mission Level 38.  How high did you guys get?  What do you think of the Brown Thunder Missions?

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Once you beat V. Mission 12 you get 150 armor or health,


once you beat pizza boy mission 10 you get 500 bucks and 150 armor or health obiously one for V. missions and one for Pizza boy missions


I am 99 percent sure that you armor with V.missions

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Ah, crap... I had level 8 with the pizza missions the other day. Stupid glitch messed me up when the Malibu icon covered up a destination dot and confused me.

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