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Hunting high levels

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Hi all. First post so I'll try to make it short. My new favorite thing to do when bored in San Andreas is to mercilessly attack players with absurdly high levels. I mean only people who obviously cheated and are like level 900. Usually I'll start with a buzzard. If you've played free mode much you'll know a buzzard can be shot down extremely easily, but usually these players will haul ass in their chrome adders to try to get away. Once I blow them up I'll land and either snipe or we'll just go at it for a while. I've found most super high level people don't really know what they're doing. Don't take cover on foot, just drive at you firing wildly in their cars, etc etc. Once I kill them a few times I'll leave them alone for a few minutes. Leave the area, when I figure they think I'm done with them I'll put a $1000 bounty on them and come back for more. I don't mess with anybody else in the game as far as killing for no reason. But I think the cheaters are fair game.


Anybody else have ideas to mess with people? No tanks though. More power to you if you enjoy tanks, but it doesn't seem like fun to me

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Captain Revenge

Like i have said before, I have been relentlessly in pursuit of legit RP. 24D and 15H in online playing time, and I am at rank 170. If that player has 900 rank and way less playing time online, they stumbled upon an RP glitch. A Lester mission involving a helicopter, and hovering above the final destination point has something to do with it, or so i am told. :)


So absolutley, have at it with them.


So far other than more cash for missions, there is not much benefit from being any rank over 120. And personally my motto is not to fire unless fired upon. And when i get my mic fixed i may just lend out my tank and or Buzzard to crew members in my game, eventually.

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"Don't fire unless fired upon."


It's nice and all, but hell on your K/D. The percentage of people that will fire on sight, and often flee after killing you once at random, is way to high in my experience. No, no-- I prefer to kill people I see before I die in the blink of an eye these days. You want safety? Solo, invite only, friend only, passive mode-- take your pick, but you ain't takin' me.


Why aren't people making friends during jobs? That's where I do it. The workplace is pretty much your best chance to find friendly players, and minimal cheaters, too.

Edited by Rezard

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You, sir, are my new favorite asshole!

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Why, thank you, but all the credit really goes to all you. And Rockstar, of course. :)


EDIT: Don't get me wrong-- I don't go out of my way killing people who come anywhere near me. But, if they start approaching me... Headshots are just too quick, my friend.

Edited by Rezard

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Yes! Today some rank 400+ guy tries to start a mess with me near the construction skyscrapper so we end up battling till i get him 20-5 and i decide to stop spending my life fighting just this one guy so i leave him by jackin.a car while hes camping trying to trick me .. . Next thing i get is a msg asking why im scared lol


I just told him go back to whatever hes doing to cheat rank because he obviously cant hang with people 400 ranks below him

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