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Vice City Nostalgia


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Playing a Sunshine autos race with the Deluxo, this cars handles marvelously well and was made for street races. It's too bad it's not available in San Andreas and to see how badly the cars' handling regressed.

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  • 2 years later...

Finally taking control of Tommy after the roller coaster intro and having to choose between the admiral and the faggio... decisions, decisions! 


Saving in Ocean View Hotel to the tune of 'La Vida Es Una Lenteja' playing in the background, reluctantly exiting the game cause it's late at night but excited to explore this wondrous city with the beaches and all the next day

That 'Greetings from Vice City' screen as you exit the game being a minor but pleasing feature making me want to play Vice City just a bit more... 


I ❤ VC

Edited by Utopianthumbs
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  • 5 weeks later...

My nostalgia feels get hit pretty hard when I see old screenshots of VC. Such as the old businessman on a Vespa screen.


 Picture it, generic gaming message board with a bustling GTA section, 2002, and all 14 year old me could do was spam and sh*tpost about all the things I'm going to do in this game. Times have not changed in the nearly 20 years since. 

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- Not a Michael Jackson fan but getting into the Admiral on the PS2 version at the start with Billie Jean playing is just perfect. I never change stations on that version. It's amazing. 

- Causing chaos in the North Point Mall or Malibu Club never gets boring. 

- "Who are these pricks anyway? Lawyer pricks? Rug wearing pricks? Surrounded by pricks!"

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  • 2 months later...

The memories, man. I remember getting this game in 2006? I was really, really young. Life was good. No responsibilites, stress-free. All you could think was turning the PS2 on and play the game all day. I'd do anything to return back to those times.

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