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Recommended Posts

No. :(

That's alright, I was just wondering as you haven't posted in the last few days - Take your time ;)

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""Take your time"" Ok, but I'm working on vcs for vc android and I can't fix some ipl bugs in my mod. :(

Post some screens with our mod :D . My tablet can't make proper screens :( .

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Did you need loading screens and HUD icons?

For VCS on VC Android or LC2?

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Yes. Thanks! Can you give me the VCS Water too? :D
Its there,too.


Good. BTW I will make a topic soon :D . Pogo be ready to post the pictures :D

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Ill convert more icons later.How about adding VCS radar?

pogo_01 Take one pic on day(timecyc)

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I don't have timecyc.dat . darthvader20011 has got this file.

I will give you the BETA soon :)

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Any chance to change player?and peds?

I made the topic, check that out :)

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Can we get back on-topic with the LC2 mod? ;)

Okay. For more informations about VCS on VC Android check here:


We will talk here now :)

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Best mod for mobile GTA III EVER!!!!!!!!! Thanks, please continue making it!!!


Please tell me how to open mobile generic.txd and particle.txd???? And how to put HD posters in mobile version without dissapearing textures?

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coming soon in update 1.1:

-improved performance

-more more trees & buildings...

-more cars

-bigger map

--and video-- (only when I rooted my device)

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