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Recommended Posts

Ok. I checked out the limits in gta3. There is more 2010 free ID for my mod so... I can add lot of more buildings, trees, etc.. :)

If we have more id's for working cars... holy cow O_O

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Yeah, but what about the map borders? :dontgetit:

Map bounds at north is 1800.0. I extracted then imported into 3ds max and placed with original coordinates some SSV models. There is A LOT space. ;)

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Shortly saying, how big would be the new city? Like Liberty, bigger, smaller, or like a borough of LC?

Like half of LC. I think.

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Oh, okay ;) Pogo, if so, would my ideas get to life? o_O

Ideas? I'm curious. What kind of ideas? :p If I can ask OFC. :) Edited by AdusPL
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I have pmed Pogo about them (somewhere when the mod started developement), but I'll pm ya Adus :p

EDIT: Done ;)

By the way, your Admiral has given me some kinda idea... if it would be included in the normal GTA3, how about making it a rare car, only being parked on a ship in Liberty Upstate. And when the cops would see you driving it when you have a wanted level, they would say that it's an "illegally imported German sedan", considering that this kind of car rarely ever appears these days :D. Just a thought though :>

Edited by Jeansowaty
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Good job pogo :) . BTW If you will make a bigger Ghost Town, don't forget to remove that cars from the bank with driveable ones :) . More cooler :) . Keep up the good work :) .

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Hm... that Esperanto in Ghost Town reminds me a lot of the Esparanto from the beta. By the way, if you're going to make Ghost Town, don't forget to add the Sewer system underneath it too!

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