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Why is the Sanchez in the air?

I think that because of it's coords being wrongly positioned, remember, the mod is still WIP :^:

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I have that one already, the thing I was looking for is the wrecked one to be driveable, something like the beta Hachura was made driveable: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=3370. Well Almost610 has started a topic to revive the Hachura wreck into a completely new car, so I had a sick idea, why not do the same with the Beamer wreck? Would be somewhat cool :p

Edited by Jeansowaty
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I wanna try the choppa, see how the hell you managed to get it to work. Oh and I found something - you used slot 167 for the Oceanic? You can add more cars than the slots 150-159? Holy crap!

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What the hell, I added a car with ID 167, it spawned normally and the game froze when it sounded the horn. Dafuq? O_o Btw, I'm on PC. Either way, if not that horn glitch it works good! And it's driving sound is glitched too, using sounds when a pro is in the car, and the telephone sounds :p Here is a screenie :D


Obtaining it is a pain in the arse, as the driver sounds the horn every time he sees you... damn that isn't realistic at all...

Edited by Jeansowaty
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Malczak. :lol:

Cały czas takiego mam w realu / I still have one like these in real life :D

Again on-topic, the mod looks good, gonna give it to an ally of mine, he might test it :p

Edited by Jeansowaty
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What about converting GTA VC Mobie cars? This is a mobile mod, and the VC Mobile cars fits better in a mobile mod like this.

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