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"R* verified" candidates - Put your most valuable content

Recommended Posts


For Xbox 360:


BMX Rally


This is one of my favourite BMX races by far, the drawback is a bunch of gas tanks placed seemingly random, and not very aesthetically pleasing. Those were originally placed out for the purpose of GTA races (blasting open a gas tank as your opponent cycles past can result in some pretty epic and hilarious moments). But it's best enjoyed on it's own as a pure BMX race. Some stunt jumps placed out to add some cool cinematic views if you choose to perform stunts at those specific areas, and if you find them. If not they shouldn't be disruptive to the general gameplay, let me know if you feel any of them are after 2-3 playthroughs.




Yes, I'm a stoner and do my best driving under the influence, as I'm more focused :p Anyways, this track is best enjoyed in sportscars. It has a really nice dirt-road part, where the checkpoints are placed to force players to utilize the road, instead of going at max speed flying around hitting cliffs, which gives it a nice rally feel. There's also a nice long straight back up the motorway to put the pedal-to-the-metal on. There is one bottleneck which is really narrow as you're about to complete the lap, but this is also designed this way for players to have to give eachother space, 2 cars simply wont fit through. I'm not a big fan of crashfests, and from the playthrough's I've had my experience is that after the bottleneck, players become much more careful before ramming full speed into the side of others in sharp turns. By this point players are usually getting a little spread out anyways. Still, very open to constructive criticism if it proves to be a big issue.


BMX Skyfall


This is a mood track. If you're in the mood for winning, and not playing luck games stay clear. It's a BMX track that starts with a huge drop to the ground, and you WILL die... ALOT... So I know very well it's for a very specific audience. However, it can be alot of fun if you're just messing around with a group of friends, the continued track on the ground requires a BMX to complete some of the jumps, so it wont be a fan favourite. If you just wanna see you and your friends die in alot of awkward ways however, it WILL humour you. Mainly just adding it to this list because it CAN be hilarious given you're in the right mood.


Plaza Drift


One of my newer tracks. One of my favourites. This track offers an amazing opportunity to show some prowess if you're gifted at drifting in GTA. My recommendation would be using the Grotto Carbonnizare, so far one of my favourite cars to drift with. (Yes, you can actually drift pretty decent with it!) It takes you weaving in and out of the Rockford Plaza and the Hospital next to it, in really tight corners. You're definatly gonna have to THINK about where you make your attempts at overtaking your opponents, and you need to stay alert at all times to keep up. Well marked route, however, be prepared for alot of rage quits if you're playing with crashtest dummies, as ramming fullspeed into the turns, slamming the brake at the last minute will NOT work well. My advice, do atleast 2-3 playthroughs on your own first to come prepared, this is a track designed for professionals to thrive. It's better to keep it safe in the hardest parts, and make your pass at the open areas.


Close Calls


A pretty tight track, more spacious then Plaza Drift, allows for a bit more speed, but still some narrow passages where you should be careful.


BMX Downhell


An awesome BMX downhill track from the observatory, through vinewood hills to the downtown police-station. BMX required for it's bunnyhopping properties. Some obstacles, some tight turns, but all over a varied and challenging track. The stunt jumps used offer cool cinematic views, without being intrusive. All-over a good track


For PS3:


Flying Bravo


This is one of the best motorcycle tracks I've ever played. Skilled players are rewarded from the beginning, seperating the herd. It's however a ton of fun for all participants as the track is constantly weaving back and forth so you can always see other players booming across. There is a certain risk of crashing into someone else, but I've yet to experience this actually happening. I have my heart pumping every single time I play, with both fear, joy and excitement. Despite me having played this track quite a few times now. There is a very few tricky parts, but it's very intuitive and quick to learn. I've shortened my laptimes down to an avg of 1:15 now, and I can tell you that despite alot of high-speed turns this is an adrenaline booster. There's one hairpin, two jumps, and I believe 5 or 6 crossings. The first jump, in the start, is seperated by a railing which might be tricky. The second jump has a slightly tricky landing, but you'll quickly get it down, and the 9/10 times where you make it perfect makes it worth the 1/10 time where you have a close call with crashing. It also slightly annoys me that even with traffic turned on, R* have a tendency to still spawn cars in parking spots, which sometimes makes the hairpin quite tricky, but most of the time if should be smooth as silk. This race is a must have... My recommendation is the Bati 801.


BMX Globe Oil


A tricky BMX race. Tricky in the sense that it requires a certain skill level to manage some of the jumps, and some passages are quite narrow. However I feel this is right for a BMX street race. The laps are a little long, but it does pay off pretty good when you have a few players in it. One thing in particular I enjoy with this race is how you cross paths and see the other races several times during the race, even if they are way ahead or far behind, just as with Flying Bravo. It does require a few playthroughs to learn properly, but once you learn it it's all worth it. Any advanced racer will practice the track before they actually compete anyways, to make sure they have the advantage. Please note that the waterramp used early in the race is not meant for the whole ramp to be used, but rather to skim the corner so to more efficently navigate past the pool. And for the cliff jump just before lap finish, if you hit at the right angle and jump at the right time, doing just over a 360 will not only give you an incredibly awesome stunt cam, but also land you in perfect position to continue the race. If you don't hit this point, don't worry, it shouldn't affect the racing experience too much.


Drift-Through Demon


Another masterpiece. I was sceptic after my test-drive, and after my first playthrough. Turns out I just chose the wrong car. This is where I discovered the amazing drifting properties of the Grotto Carbonnizare, and I would greatly recommend it for the race. (Note that the Karin Futo will be too slow unless you've had some work done to it, and will lag too far behind) I've had some playthroughs since, and my experiences with the map so far is just amazing. Again, there's alot of areas where you get to see more then the rear-end of other cars, it's a long lap but very worth it. Utilizes the area very well, in a sense a very compact track. My favourite parts are the drive-through part, where you drift into the parking lot of Up-N-Atom, then take it a little careful as you do the actual drivethrough (this is a good place for a pitstop to refresh your car, as everyone have to drive slow in this particular part anyways, if it should've taken any extensive damage), then the hairpin shortly after. I also love the hairpin as you exit the Galerie parking lot and line up for the one little jump the track has. Also love it when you drift into the parking garage, perfectly aligned with the ramp taking you up into the alley behind, and then burn some rubber through the hairpin at the hotel on the other side of the road. This too takes a few attempts to get used to the track, but once you do it just offers the most amazing drifting opportunities, whilst effectively thinning out the field leaving the crash-fest behind. Take care as you exit the last mentioned hairpin though, there's a slight bump in the road that if your speed is too high, will send you flying across the street.


Pool Day


This is not so much a remake as a TDM map inspired by the Counter-Strike classic. Taking place at two near identical rooftop pool areas residing just at the end of Vinewood Hills (Where you jump through in Flying Bravo), only connected by a bridge and a narrow ledge. This map is guaranteed balance with identical spawns on both sides, both for weapons and players. Forced Unarmed + Pickups ensures this balance, and the little heavy weaponry there is is located at exposed areas, adding a large element of risk to trying to obtain them. In the areas not connected there are snipers spawning slightly exposed, I would recommend making a run for those early on to get the upper hand. The close combat areas around the bridge are dominated by shotguns and machineguns. Unfortunately the map is for 6-8 players, so I've had bad luck finding enough players to start with so far. Looking forward to someone to try this map out with :-) The simplicity however has made me quite certain that this is a well-balanced map.

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Here's my shameless plug for XBOX:


Player's Choice


Right or left? Either ... Choose your own path in this wide open, jump filled freeway lap race circling downtown. Take any open off-ramp or stay on the freeway. The choice is yours. Multiple ramps and multiple paths to take. Set for use with supers or sports. Fun and easy track to drive.


I spent a lot of time working on this and fixing issues with the jumps and such. I originally had almost five hundred likes before I updated and R* reset the stats. I have gotten a lot of great feedback on the changes.

Edited by guitarone01

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"Top Gear Test Track 4x4" BAJA Style


Link: http://rsg.ms/MIjtTS

This is my remake of the Top Gear Test Track with an OFF-ROAD twist at Sandy Shores Airfield. on and off-road sections makes it suitable for all off-road vehicles. Mind the jumps on the crossover and just remember to take care on the Hammerhead.

Please let my know what you think.

Feel free to add me on psn. bongon69


Edited by bongon69

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OP heres a vid of mine Dam Busters

hey paul it looked like a easy race for beginners to race on. i didnt like the fact there was a green container part...if a person has a super car their are almost likely to crash into it espeically if you have more than one racer. it also looked like you crashed the first time you went up to that green container(id use them for RUNNING THROUGH not DRIVING THROUGH. if you put down diffrent containers and spaced them so you can have 1 1/2 cars squeeze through you still have the skill and you dont have those stupid green doors. i liked the option to take the ramp or not.


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CDR Alpha Niner

Alrighty, then!

Map: Putt-Putt, Bang-Bang
Type: Deathmatch
Location: Golf Course
System: Xbox 360

Social Club Link: Putt-Putt, Bang-Bang

Bring your golf club...and a gun (actually, you don't have to! There are plenty scattered around)!

Multiple weapons are scattered throughout the golf course area, including 2 sniper rifles, 2 RPGS, and a Minigun (although the RPGs and Minigun don't always spawn for some dumb reason). There are 4 golf carts, and everyone starts with a golf club. For as small as the golf course looks on the map, the area is actually pretty big, and it's easy to hide as much as it is to sniper, and get in people's faces.

Everyone is confined to the golf course via high walls and other obstructions.

Have fun!

P.S.: I WAS in the process of creating an all-state highway race..but Long Haul 2 beat me to it! XD I was JUST about to publish it!

Looks like I created a new race without realizing Rockstar beat me to it. I'm so late to the party. :(

Map: Track Stars
Type: Race
Location: Horse Racetrack
System: Xbox 360

Social Club Link: Track Stars

The horses are gone, and now the motorheads have taken over! Up to 16 racers can compete in 4 laps around this traditionally styled course (an oval)! And they're off!



Map: Sandy Sanchez II
Type: Race
Location: Senora National Park
System: Xbox 360

Social Club Link: Sandy Sanchez II


This variant of "Just Deserts" (and a further variant of "Sandy Sanchez I" which is closely -unknowingly at the time- based off of "Just Deserts" to begin with) runs clockwise around, up, and over the Senora National Park. Utilizing motorcycles only, the track is violent and harrowing at its highest peaks, and could leave racers with sand in weird places...along with broken bones!

*Note: You'll notice I mention "Sandy Sanchez I," a map I designed without realizing "Just Deserts" had already been made. It is comparable to "Just Deserts" in that the start location has been changed, the route runs clockwise around the Senora National Park, and the race is confined to motorcycles instead of off-road vehicles (and those are the only differences I will claim original credit for). Give it a try, why dontcha?



Map: Garage Gangland I
Type: Deathmatch
Location: San Andreas Parking Council Parking Garage, Pillbox Hill
System: Xbox 360

Social Club Link: Garage Gangland I


A 5-level parking garage in Pillbox Hill, Los Santos, and near the main highway gets turned into a killhouse! Starting out with a pistol only, you've got 5 levels of close-quarter and long-range fighting in between scattered cars, dumpsters, and concrete barricades. Powerful weapons such as RPGs, the MGL (Grenade Launcher), and Minigun are located on levels 1, 3, and 5. Cars are driveable, but confined to the garage itself via concrete barricades.


It's fast, intense, furious, and vicious!

Edited by CDR Alpha Niner

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