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Who's partner also plays GTA?

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My wife has her own PS3 and loves to play. GTA is her 1st game ever and she had a rather rough start learning the game and contoller but she is getting better, loves survivals.


Kids had their own PS3's as well, but aren't allowed to play GTA even though we clearly hear younger kids playing. They do play alot of COD so I don't know if it is as adult centered as I have never played any COD.

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COD Community can be quite "adult centered" too but just based on the players and their attitudes, Obviously GTA has hookers etc not great for the kids lol


I'd love to play with some Ladies on the ps3!

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Hmmm.... Never noticed this thread til now? ;)


Wife plays GTA:O and has enjoyed other R* games as well, while I play too! We started with 1 PS3, then after she took over (usually on PSHome all the time when I wanted to race on GT5!) I bought her a PS3 for her birthday. That was good! Until my original phat PS3 crapped out, so I went and bought another that night. Thank the GODS walmart is open 24hrs. Sent the phat off for repair an once back, wife took over the new slim I bought.


Then, phat crapped again, so ANOTHER slim was bought, since she wasn't gonna give up her 2 PS3's....! :(


We've played GTA4, Red Dead Redemption and even Little Big Planet together!!


Now, there's 2 huge HD monitors in separate rooms (I did get the 70" she got the smaller 61"), 3 slim PS3's, she has 2 PSN accts, and we both have a hard copy of GTA5. Glad we can still get along after 16 of living together and still play together!!! LoL! :D

Edited by The_Wizzard_73

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