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Why does everyone want one big island!


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Ok I have no idea why everyone wants the next GTA to be one big island, but I think it is really really stupid.  I will give you some reasons, and this is only my opinion, so please keep that in mind.  Well, first of all, it is cool when you have to do some missions to get to some places.  I don't think that you should have to beat 1/3 of the game or anything, but a few is not bad.  Second, do you remember how long GTA 3 took to beat and how long Vice City has taken people to beat?  I think that the more areas in a game there are, the more time it's gonna take to beat and to enjoy.  If it all one big area, you will either get lost or frustrated or something.  Please don't hate me for writing this; it's just my opinion.  Thanks for listening.

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I don't really care if the gameplay takes place on one island or three- what counts is if the gameplay is good or not.

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Mr. Fernando Martinez

The next GTA should be set in Las Vegas then, there would be one whole city double the size of LC & VC. But, surrounding the city would be miles of desert (instead of ocean) and at the end would be mountains blocking you off but, you can't get there. Would be better.

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if it was one big island, there would have to be a bunch of those gay loading screens some where, or would have to increase the initial load of the game.


and the initial load is already long enough.

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