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Alex Ashfold

Serious roleplay cops (FIB,DEA, LSPD)

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Alex Ashfold

Hi my name is Alex, I am trying relly hard to create something nice for people who want to play as ''cops'' even if Rockstar make my job really hard, by the lack of uniforms, designed HQ, police cars...(I understand your pains).

After the 1.06 Update I commit so many suicide in GTA online, if you on this topic, you know how i felt.

But I am back wth many other ideas I even create this awesone website: http://usdeptofjustice.clanwebsite.com/

yeah because rockstar facebook-a-like for crews is %@¢!

So let's start wiith the basic informations

The crews are both on PS3 and Xbox 360(I know I am crazy like this)

You need a microphones

You need to be mature serious and don't have a six years old voice

I don't care if your character is a male or a female ( this is just weird when your character talk, for a roleplay) but you have to know that our actuals uniforms are based on the male model.

So the crews are these ones, but they are only for the visual part (uniforms and etc.)

The Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB)

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

Los Santos Police Departement Detective Office (LSPD Office)

So you will need to subscribe on our website and put an application, in order to join thoses crews and be part of the real team.

What I need Exactly

The most important for now is the higers ranks, here a list:

Playstation 3


3 Lieutenants


1 Captain
3 Lieutenants

1 Captain
3 Lieutenants


1 Leader (commander)
1 Captain
3 Lieutenants

1 Leader (commander)
1 Captain
3 Lieutenants

1 Leader (commander)
1 Captain
3 Lieutenants

those positions are higly importants espacialy for the XBOX 360, since I am not on Xbox 360

So if you aply for those, pleasetell us in your application form.

You are still here?!! Alright here somme cool stuff to know:

Main rules

-Respect...just respect...like please respect other crew members...like bro...?? seriously ...c'mon be nice

-You need 2 microphones! (What!!?? :0)
you should have a 2 microphone available to use on your gaming platform and another for using our walkie-talkie apps

-You most be enough mature to be in our crew, age is really relative, but below 14 years old is like..nice to meet , see you in 4 years.

-Your cars..you can have all the cars you want when you are not in duty

BUT! you need a service car, with a simple look, so it means simple paintjob, with simple tires, but you can put whatever engine an brakes you want. So you need at look-alike cops car, because r* sucks when it comes to give police's stuffs.

Here an exhaustive list of serive cars you could use:

With colors like: black, white, grey etc.

Stanier by Vapid
Granger by Declasse
Washington by Albany
Oracle by Ubermacht

Rancher XL by Declasse
Dubsta by Benefactor

Asterope by Karin
Intruder by Karin
Premier by Declasse
Primo by Albany

The guns:

Peace officers use realistic guns so here how it work
(clear version with optional flaslight)







I don't usually like to pop out a rifle of my ass, It kind of bleed after ... so personally I keep my big guns in my cars, storages, home, office etc. And keep my Hand guns on me, like my nightstick and 3 granades/gassmoke/C4

Roleplay rules

- At First you will need to possess an appartement (to live in, sleep, eat, relax, stock your cars)

- In roleplaying session you should act like you are the character, when speaking and interacting in-game

- You should sleep, eat, take your shower and all that stuffs once per day

- We are cops...so respect the conduct code when driving

- To reach other player who are far of you you should call them with your phone(in-game) use the textos or if the situation allow it use the radio

- Don't harass other crew memeber on roleplaying session, if you want to hang out with him, find a logical reason, don't just go meet him like you were knew is was there..s

- You don't know everybody else at the startof the roleplay, so you shouldn't nt talk to them like tey were your buddies.

-Even if you are level 43579 you don't have all the weapons on you and they are not PINK, GOLD, GREEN, BLUE.... Please use original colors or Platinium is accepted

- You should try to find a background story to your character and play as him


During his first day the agent/detective, will receive a visit of the headquarter. A desk will be assigned to him and also a card ID and a badge of function. He will also have to take place in front of the flag of our nation for his ceremonial picture and finally the keys of his duty car.
Afterward the agent/detective will receive a training dispensed over a week, in which he will be shown to him where and when he has to draft reports, the use of an emergency vehicle and a procedure of telecommunication


The agent, when in duty has to adopt a simple & appropriate dress:

To help to maintain a uniform dress code, pieces of clothes will be supplies to the agent

Upper Body
-1 Black blazer
-3 Office shirts (white, grey & black)
-3 Shirts(white, grey & black)
-2 Vests of DEA/FIB/LSPD (Black & Blue)

Lower Body
-2 Costume Pants(grey & black)
-1 Black Cargo Pants
-1 Black Pair of Hinterlands boots

-1 Black tie
-Body armor (black)
-Black cap of DEA/FIB/LSPD (Not in stock)

Situated on Vinewood Boulevard in Vinewood, the center offers several personal offices(desks), two entrances(entries), ATM machines, two offices(desks) for the captains, stock room, cameras, set up for ceremonials pictures, 3 floors, unfortunately we have no toilet.


***(to be cahnged maybe, since I find a way to enter FIB headquarters and others without glitching)***

Duty cars

FIB SUV (not in stock) use the declasse ranger instead

FIB car (not in stock) use the buffalo instead

Unmarked police cruiser (not in stock) use the vapid stanier instead

Responsablities & Obligations

The agents/detectives have to watch for the safety of the citizens and apply the law, contrary has a police officer, the agent does not make patrol, he occupies his time as he wants to make his inquiries and possible operations to decrease rate of criminality of the state.

The agent/detective has to lead preliminary investigations to be able to lead one operation. (What we call in the game the " attacks of gangs " and certain missions). The whole has to be to prepare beforehand and in a logical way.

You owe two one operations in every day and only one if you are with more than one partner.

Here is a map of the main conflict areas & gang territoy, that will be constantly updated. (Click the image to enlarge)



You can find same 7 others informations here: http://usdeptofjustice.clanwebsite.com/board/90109


So are you having any questions, commentaries..insults??


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Hey it's a lot of stuff to read but I would love to try this out.


Xbox console.



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Alex Ashfold


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Id love to see how it goes on ps3 ^^ you're Hosting anything today ?

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Alex Ashfold

Not that i know, maybe I will will be online and a few others

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I'm 20 & have been following lcpdfr for years. I definitely fit the criteria, I'm a serious gamer. Xbox platform add me Realizex23. Thank you!!

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Hey alex been on the website this sound relly fun add me xbox thatsamkid i have a mic and a good back story :)

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Is this still going on if so add me xbox Rashaad0996

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Do you have to be French?

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