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First of all - I didn't know where to post my thread, because my question is connected with both mapping and coding I think, so don't be mad at me if I placed it in wrong section.


Without further ado.


Me and my modding team are currently working on new city on GTA San Andreas map. Our mapper put it on the water, and there goes my question. We want to make a proper map with a proper radar, as it is in GTA SA. How to synchronize player position with marker's position on this radar? I mean, when you look on that picture, player is on Glen Park and marker is on GPC too. How to make it work with custom map? Of course, we have the map and radar textures and so on.

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I can't remember who made the tool but there is something on GTAG - A radar tool for SA that will generate the radar for you.


G-DAR that's it.. just remembered. :)

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Use Xscripts to render the 144 individual 256x256 radar image tiles in 3dsmax http://www.x-squares.com/File/i/0/X-3DMax-Scripts.aspx#dl-23




Use xradar editor to automatically combine all the rendered images into all 144 txd files. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=5002


This makes radar-creation piss-easy. :)

If you want to make a colour-based radar (like all GTA games have instead of a photo of the top view) then you can use XRadar Editor to combine all the 144 tiles into one single image then using photoshop to edit the combined map image however you want and use XRadar editor to import the combined map and it can split it into 144 txds and save those txds automatically for you.

Edited by Frank.s

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What about making a radar for GTA III/VC?

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You can use the SOL hacks for a larger radar area, however you can only export a 4028x4028.bmp to 1296 radar tiles.


I might ask however wrote xscript's to look at a better solution.

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