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Omega Reaper MC

Looking to Join a MC?

Recommended Posts

Omega Reaper MC

Here At Original Reapers MC, (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/original_reapers_mc)

​You will find a Mature, well trained, well Equipped band of brothers that looks out for one and another and respects each other.


We, The Original Reaper MC are a Motorcycle Club that descended back 4 years ago on GTA IV TBOGT, One of the most well Known Clans and Now, We are now making a face for ourselves here in Los Santos and Blaine County.


We are a Group of brother who are Trained to the highest of levels, who have climbed up the ranks, who show respect to each other but are also Mischiefful to other clans and are One of the Upcoming MCs to make a big name for themselves In Los Santos and Blaine County.


To Join:


- You must be age 14 or over.

- Must have a mic so it's easier to contact each other.

- Must be Active and get involved.

- Must Respect ALL other Members!

- Must not be in any other clans/crews.

- Levels in the Game do not matter to us. It's the skill level and potential you have to prove yourself we look for most.

- Must be Xbox only


We are Currently Ranked as '364th' in the world for GTA V Online Deathmatches


To Apply, either Contact me on here or Via my xbox GT: OMEGA REAPER MC.


We look forward to having you with us as a Brother!!





Edited by Omega Reaper MC

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Include a link to your crew on the Social Club in your opening post please.

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best of luck

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