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Devin Weston vs Steve Haines

Who would win in a fight?  

96 members have voted

  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Steve Haines - easily
    • Steve Haines - barely
    • Devin Weston - easily
    • Devin Weston - barely
    • They stalemate/tie
  2. 2. Who would win in a fistfight without help from their private armies?

    • Steve Haines - easily
    • Steve Haines - barely
    • Devin Weston - barely
    • Devin Weston - easily
    • They punch each other at the same time, the screen pauses and turns into a portrait, and Eye of the Tiger plays

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steve haines very easy westin like they said just cowared under the box while his private army fails. devin like many antagonists talks big as you can see in alot of his missions but when you come for him you realise its all talk and no fight. plus steve actually shot hisself to save the others that takes guts to do. plus steve haines is much more memorable nd funny than westin. and his show was cool to. but nonetheless steve haines is dead in my game and westin for that matter. i loled when haines was on the ferris wheel and said cut who writes this crap.

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Well, if you consider all their resources (the FIB for Steve and the Merryweather for Weston), I believe I tie would occur. But in a fist fight, I think Steve has better melee fighting training, so he would easily win over Weston.

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Devin could ruin Steve's career with just one phone call...but when it comes to physical combat, Steve being a trained FIB agent could beat the sh*t out of Devin

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Weston would win 1 on 1, but the FIB would kick merryweather's ass in a group fight.

Are you sure about that, Merry Weather are a bunch of Mercenaries. A mercenary can be made of ex-army or fresh recruits or a militia or some sh*t, basically compare military training to police/swat training and the FIB would get their asses handed to them.


Not to mention Merry Weather has the Little Bird helicopter (missiles and miniguns) and off-road jeeps. Compare that to SUV's and cop cars and a helicopter with no guns at all.

Believe it or not the FIB are still highly trained and they also have little birds, plus I'm sure if the LS gov found out or FIB superiors that there's a secret war between them and Merryweather then the military could be called in and Merryweather's contract cut

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Sorry if this is a bit off topic but is it only me that wasn't aware that those are 2 different people for a very long time in the story?


And I think Steve will win because of his FIB knowledge and power

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Tenpenny VS. Dane Vogel from Saints Row 2. That's what this fight is.


Steve Haines is Tenpenny in all but skin color and specific police position. Same corrupt attitude, same leverage against the protagonists.


Devin Weston, although they tried to cover it up by partially merging him with the impotent rage superhero character, is pretty much dane vogel from saints row 2. He's a big investor, owns corporations, and has his own private army. I guess rockstar games doesn't agree with this forum that SR games aren't "worthy" of ripping off.

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gta knowledge

I thin. Maby Devi. Because Stev. Lives wit. His mother







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gta knowledge
10 minutes ago, gta knowledge said:

I thin. Maby Devi. Because Stev. Lives wit. His mother


Please follow me anyone 






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