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l The Spider l

Creative Ways of Assassinating Others?

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Place a buzzard somewhere conspicuous with a sticky in the back. Wait. Kill. Giggle.

That's not creative at all, that's just dumb...
Well all i need to say to that is something declarative like "no it's not", because you gave no reasons as to why you think it's dumb (which is ironically a good example of several dictionary definitions of 'dumb). But I'll give a few reasons why it isn't.


1. It always gets a kill.

2. I have never been killed doing it.

3. It involves the victim experiencing the excitement of having found a buzzard and anger in a very short space of time.

4. If you have over-watch of the buzzard you don't even need to sticky the first time. Snipe, leave area, they try again, you detonate.


But 1. & 2. Cover it for me.

If you do this with your buzzard from pegasus you can be anywhere on the map.


I got blown out my merry weather helicopter. So grabbed my buzzard and took down the guy who shot me out the sky. Landed my buzzard at sandy shores.took the one that spwaned there landed mine perfectly on helipad sticky bombed it and went to blow up the guy driving up the free way toward me. Hit his car and went south to the city. Bout 2 minutes later. A text from pegasus saying my hekicopter was stolen. So hit detonate.


Also not creative but the most hollarious kill ive ever gotten. Was cruising around with a random guy gunning down people that came at us. Anyway. Stopped he got out of his car and climbed a ladder up onto a rooftop. I got out of his car and ran across thw street. Next thing I know is he fell off the roof landed on his own car and died. And instead of saying he committed suicide it said I killed him.

Edited by dzian

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