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Please i need help


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Right i have just finished love fist


and i have a couple of questions


1) do i need to buy all the property now ?

2) where is kaufman cabs ?

3) what is a drive by ?

4) how do u get a hunter


thanx ppl



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2) its on the map you got in your game

3) driveby?? is when you shoot out of your car look left or right while driving and fire you must have an UZI type gun for this

4)to get a hunter sneak up on one while he is in the woods Hunting.



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1)  no

2)  big yellow building in little haiti near aunt poulet's shack

3)  L2 or R2 in a car/bike while firing with the uzi,tech9,mp5

4)  army base, but wont be there until late in the game.

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