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(PS3) *GTA V Online Car Meet #2!*


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PS3 Car Meet!

Last meet went great! We had a decent turnout but, everyone seemed to have fun and I plan on doing more!!! Photos from last time... http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/legitluke2/games/gtav/snapmatic/mostrecent/photo/7K67UfB_0USVBfl_AV56PA

Hosting a car meet-up is Tuesday, January 21st at 4pm PST so, 7pm EST. (My GT is @LegitLuke2) I Plan on taking many photo opportunities, cruising to the next spot in a nice single file line, highway pulls, and drag racing. We will meet in at a club/tennis court by the beach toward the west of Los Santos, cruise to a car wash and line up all the cars, then go to drag race and drift by the docks. After we will get our cars fixed up and drive by the major landmarks of Downtown Los Santos. I plan on having more meets with different themes such as rare,low riders/cruisers, super etc! So stay tuned!

A few rules... #1 NO SUPERS - #2 Drive in a straight line with no bumping - #3 Try to keep your cars unscratched - #4 Respect all cars - #5 Tell me if you have a mic or not. ***Also If you are going to join please know what a car meet really is. A place to appreciate each others cars and show off. If you want to join and don't know what these are like, please watch videos like these...

(Not my video but, I run similar meets. All credit to the creator of the video)

Please bring the following cars: (Notice all are under 110k or found on the street) Blista, F620, Felon GT, Fulisade, Penumbra, Prarie, Schwartzer, Sentinel, Sentinel XS, Surge, Zion, Asea, Buffalo, Franklin's Buffalo, Intruder, Jackal, Primo, Schafter, Sultan, Stratum, Dominator, Gauntlet, Phoenix, Rapid GT, Ruiner, Sabre Turbo, Vigero, Banshee, Comet, RH8 (Elegy), Futo, Surano, Youga

To be in the meet, send me a friend request on PSN (My GT is @LegitLuke2) with the car you are going to bring and if you have a mic (Preferred) or leave your GT below with the car you'll bring and if you have a mic. if you were in the last meet COMMENT AGAIN because I have a full list so I can't keep everyone but you'll have priority over everyone.


(Also, I'll be playing before to prep my cars and the parking lot that we start at because it usually has cars in it. So don't spam my inbox when I log in to my PSN) Also, I know this is off topic bt does anyone have frankin's buffalo and would duplicate it for me. I'll put you in the meet lobby first so your guaranteed to get it!

Me (: LegitLuke2 - Karin Sultan RS or Benefactor Surrano (Not sure)

1. CorruptAngel920 - Imponte Phoenix

2. eLneZi0o225 - ?

3. Blockahwood - ?

4. PoopyThomas - ?

5. BiggKatt714 - Obey Tailgater

6. zohaibrose - Imponte Ruiner

7. ryd3r007 - Ubermacht Sentinel XS

8. Hellhounds_alan - ?

9. taraki_02 - ?

10. varunsethrocks - ?

11. DonMaximus01 - Maibatsu Penumbra

12. kush57 - ?

13. Inner-Wisdom - ?

14. Alterboy9 - ?

15. BVBaseball13 - Ocelot F620

16. AjZetec-s - ?

17. mrkimumin - ?

18. nickrad - ?

19. LMTFchance717 - ?

20. BenBRZ - Karin Sultan RS

21. Mamacall - ?

22. SelectXV - Vapid Dominator

23. bsy-xbroskii - Dewbachee Rapid GT

24. t-roy77 - Declasse Vigero

25. Xenimar - Elegy RH8


Edited by MrPlatinum
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im down again.. but that futo was gettin me mad. lol he kept crashin me accidently. annoyin


LOL, I totally agree!

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I would like to get in on this if possible! I have a few of the rare cars, I'll bring my Tailgater. My PSN is the same Biggkatt714.

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Count me in, im bringing a sentinel xs, tomorrow i will add you on psn, unfortunately no mic.

Edited by ryd3r007
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Last meet, stopped at a gas station off the highway. 11a8t3d.jpg


Some of us at the beach for some photosxdb61j.jpg


Managed to get a pic of my Sentinel XS Turbo without it being "futoed" lolj8nsdz.jpg2zhp2dx.jpg

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PS3 Car Meet!


7. ryd3r007 - ? = 11. lml _-Wlady-_lml - ?


7 is my username and 11 is my psn id, so delete me of number 11 :)


My car is a Sentinel XS

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