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World war smegging three


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I was walking through Little Haitwhatsitcalled, as the cars were all far too crap to jack in that district. When I heard a really long burst of intense gunfire. A bit like when you land in the army barracks and about 20 soldiers get you with M16s. So I looked around but could see nothing. I thought it must be a glitch or something. So I carried on walking and turned a corner. There, in the middle of the road, was the worst gang fight I have seen in the game. There was already an ambulance on the scene, with the medics working flat out. As I watched in awe I noticed no less than fifteen members of each gang engaged in fierce handgun combat. In amongst the mayhem, there were four police officers punching frantically at everyone. As I continued to fleece the dropped wealth of the fallen, I noticed that the members that were being revived were getting up and wading back into the fray. Before long the fight reached such magnitude that I had to turn my TV down because of the sheer noise of the pistols. Another ambulance arrived and another two medics worked like mad. So I killed them all with my flame thrower and ran off.

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HAHAHhahah - what a mad story.  I'm going to have to search around for a good gang war.  I wonder could you start one yourself?  For instance, piss off some guys in one area and lead them into an oppenet gang area.  hmm - something to try tonight...



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I forgot to add that a granny was pootleing along in her clapped out banger and her car must have gotten hit by a stray bullet as she tried to get away by driving around the scene. She bumped into a parked up ambulance and wound up haveing three of her tires blown out. The last time I saw her alive was when she was dragged out of the car by a jacker. The granny got shot to ribbons and the theif started to get away at one mile an hour with sparks flying from the wheels. That poor granny. Those ain't nice streets.

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