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Easy way to get money!


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Well i was looking for ways to get easy money around vc, and then it came to me the malibu club is full people who dont seem to have any worries at all so i marched in with my gun firing killing anything i saw.


Only one problem, NO ONE had any money, nope not one freeking person so i ran outsite to get away from the cops/guards and all i got was ran over by an undercover police car. CHEAP!

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Do firetruck missions, I made a fortune off those...also vigilante missions are pretty rewarding.  Or you could go to the mall, and watch for cops chasing ppl, then punch the ppl the cops are chasing, and you'll get awarded $50.  The thing is, even when he's dead, you can keep kicking him and you'll keep getting $50 everytime you hit him.

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Thanks -shaDow

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