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Tracksuit Hitman

Orange Is the New Black

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So Season 7 is now out, I haven't had a chance of watch it yet but I pray that they go back down the hill as the show just didn't feel right while they were Up The Hill and in Real Jail and all the new characters it just meld right for me so hopefully S7 is better


If I remember correctly it's almost time for Piper to be released and according to the thumbnail on the S7 trailer she's in civies


Season 7 Trailer




Edited by AiraCobra

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In all honesty does anybody still watch/care about this series any more?


I would binge watch the whole season in one weekend and then start counting down the days to next seasons release but then came season five starting with the killing off of Poussey from the show which then lead to the whole season being centered around a riot


The show just wasn’t the same with the girls locked up in a regular housing unit, What made the show great was the freedom the girls had and the change has basically put a damper on my favorite Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Wsrren theyvecreally reigned her character in and I haven’t watched season 7 yet but rumors are that....





Piper has finally been released but she is the only one has it appear season 7 was the series finale

Edited by AiraCobra

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9 hours ago, AiraCobra said:

In all honesty does anybody still watch/care about this series any more?

The final season was much better but that riot season was a bit far for me, lol. Just felt a bit over the top compared, although the show was pretty funny in many ways too, that just went a bit too far for me and my Mrs.


A bit like Weeds from the same producer/creator/writer, the shows started fantastically but dropped off towards the end, bit of a shame. Hopefully GLOW having already said the next season (the 4th) means things stay strong until the end and throughout.

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