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Ultimate Crew Poll (3 questions about your 'crew experiences')

Your Crew Experience (3 questions)  

77 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your overall satisfaction from your active GTAO crew?

    • Terrible (e.g. no active crew members, no crew activities etc)
    • Fair (e.g. some active crew members, sporadic activities)
    • Good (e.g. fair amount of active members, you have at least few great mates with which you play often, ad-hoc crew activities)
    • Excellent (if it wasn't for your crew you will stop playing GTAO - e.g. lots of active members with great skill and collaboration, regular planned crew activities, lots of fun)
  2. 2. Crew activities - what kind of activities you do regularly with your crew?

    • Unorganized wars in free-roam against other random people
    • Planned Crew battles (via R* Crew Head to Head, GTA5stats Crew wars, or separate arrangement etc.)
    • Sports and side-activities (parachuting, arm wrestling, tennis, golf, shooting range etc.)
    • Fooling around in Private session free roam (random fun activities only with your teammates)
    • Making crew videos
    • Help each other on Deathmatches/Races created by other crew members, play together, exchanging feedback
    • Helping each other with finding cars, achieve certain small goals, troubleshooting
    • Doing PvP missions together (incl. Capture, LTS etc.)
    • Doing Contact missions together (vs. NPC's)
    • Racing
    • GTA Racing
    • Team Deathmatches
    • Exploiting glitches
    • Farming RP/$
    • Talking with your crew mates on various topics as gaming, general chit-chat,
    • Share content/interesting stuff via Social club, crew website/forum etc.
    • Work together on recruiting new members
  3. 3. Which aiming settings is preferred among your crew?

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My active crew is nothing but trolls. We do not engage in any planned activities. We cause chaos and make people leave sessions, usually while not playing with one another.

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My crew is made of a group of online friends.

We don't get together that often but when we do we have a lot of fun doing most of the stuff on that list.


I was in a large crew before but the only difference between that and running solo was the crew tag next to my name.

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Based on 66 people voted (sample size), here is the summary:





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Looking at the statistics, one of the conclusions I will draw is regarding the high % of people involved in random fights in free roam, while there is a low % of people doing planned crew battles.


Everybody who tried some type of crew wars knows that the level of fun is far greater than Free-roam against bunch of strangers. Free-roam is sort of a "demo" of the possibilities of crew battles.


Sure in Free-roam the degree of chaos, usage of the whole map is very cool & nicely unpredictable, but actually the same gameplay type can be utilized within specific Deathmatches or in private session Crew battles. The difference is that the fight is way more interesting, you collaborate with team mates, and there is something to pursue (winning by number of kills over the other crew).


Therefore my conclusion is that there is vastly unrealized need for enabling efficient Crew battles in GTA Online (crew head to head is still in Beta, as most part of GTA Online).


I also wrote to Rockstar today, showing those stats and giving them a push to do something better in regards to Crew head to head in the future, when it comes to final version.


Also the level of satisfaction with crews in general appears very low, which is not surprising at all. One improvement could be to enable crew members to rate their own crews on several factors, combined with a set of tools for Crew leaders to organize their crew members, make activities, better challenges, being able set rules to remove unactive members or those not following the conditions of the crew (such rules should be set in the crew settings, and then automatically applied based on stats).


This will enable more fun crew action, after a while people who are not happy with their crew will rate them bad and move along. In that way we can filter out all inactive, no-purpose-at-all crews, and further on people can see which crews are actually good for them. Also Crew Battles stats should be one of the visible factors for crews, there can be tournaments etc.


I think some of those ideas are already in pipeline of R*, but let's see what happens. Until then - people get involved in proper crews (as mine ;), keep searching and let's engage in fun activities such as crew battles. Simply Free-roam and other things are just boring after a while, this is far from the possibilities of GTA Online, we can do better than that.

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Another interesting observation is the low % (24%) of crews involved in Player vs. Player missions.


Obviously this one is on Rockstar. Very few PvP missions, Capture was added but in common opinion it is also [email protected] with no replay value.


I wonder if we can design our own PvP missions using the rumored Mission Creator, then we can bring some life into this aspect.



Based on 66 people voted (sample size), here is the summary:





Edited by PlamenVT

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Anyone is welcome to share his observations of the results from the survey (as we can consider it closed and ready for analysis).


Thank you.

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