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My evolution of gameplay and vehicles. Have you evolved?

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I started my game play driving and flying around by myself aimlessly, doing a few missions and a lot of survivals. Wore cool looking clothing. I frequented the online car dealerships wishing I had enough money for an Adder or Entity. I filled my garage with premium sports cars, bought everything. But I learned...


Fast forward to my current level 58:


My garage now consists of cars I enjoy and some that are hard to find: Youga, Bagger, a hot pink Faggio, Tailgater, Bifta, Sultan RS, Peyote, Akuma, Surfer, and that stupid Vacca that i can't sell because I bought it too long ago(only really use it to jump zancudo fence). My small crew of friends do missions and races, rarely a survival, take strange photos of killing and burning NPC's, outrun 4 stars in the Youga, while two people machine gun out the back.


My whole crew started off wanting everything. We have morphed into enjoying what rockstar has made for us. Suped-up Faggio Races are pretty amazing. Normally I'm seen running around in only short shorts and a pink helmet looking ridiculous. Enjoy this amazing game, quit bitching about modded money being taken, and quit being dicks to other people.


So... After that novel, how has your game evolved?

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Started by doing a few missions and lots of races. Got fed up with dicks who think that racing is nothing but a destruction derby.

Got shot. Quite a lot!

Now L56.

Cruising in my Carbonizzare with the top down and all the mods I can get on it as my primary ride. Doing less races but still trying for those wins in order to get more car mods. Have scouted out a few sniping locations that I've never seen anyone else using. Have also developed some tactics that are working nicely in upping my hit ratio. Currently hit ratio is around 1.1. I do pick on dicks. Shoot me while I am in Ammunation and you are going to get retribution.

I usually avoid the tanks, but occasionally I go into passive and climb onto something out of their reach just to annoy them. Wait till I get an RPG!!!

Have never lost a game of darts. Have never won at tennis. Only lost once at arm wrestling. Surprised all these teenage boys have not got stringer right arms. Do not hide in my house when someone sets a bounty on me. I've even collected a bounty while I had a bounty on me. Love shooting down helicopters with my MG.

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Started off hunting for a good muscle car! found the Bucanner, very happy.


Have spent a lot of time running through missions with friends and randoms... met some interesting people to say the least. have never really been obsessed with hunting for "the best in class" for cars, just go for something I like and work on it until I am happy.


Like to get together with friends now just messing around and having shoot outs and general trolling to them. play Golf and have so far only lost once! over Xmas when the modded money was handed out I went and found low level players and offered them one car modded to a level I could do just to help them out a tad and give them something nice to start the game with.


Been shot a lot, ruined by tanks and other crazy stuff. Has never bothered me and I find most of it quite funny, really dont have time for all the whining and bitching, I bought this game for fun and I have it, mostly inspired by Vanos and H20 Delirious on YouTube.

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