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Game Of The Year?

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We all have opinions, the best story was TLoU 100%, but the overall gameplay experience goes to GTA V. These two games are great but are also different genres, this is what you must consider. What's going on here is pointless, both these games won GOTY, who gives a flying f*ck what game won the most GOTY awards as long as they're both enjoyable to everyone.

I disagree. I'd say the best story goes to Bioshock Infinite and the gameplay goes to GTA 5.


My god, if only Infinite had better gameplay...


Did you play the first episode of the Burial At Sea DLC? That completely ruined the story of the main game for me. I still can't get over it. I mean, what's the point of the entire thing that happened in the main game if

Booker is still Cornstock in other dimensions.

I thought the implication of

drowning Booker

was that Elizabeth

killed all of the Bookers that would become Cornstock



I just can't give it best story after that. The awesome thing about the ending was that it was left open-ended, but not anymore. I think TLoU's story is somewhat cliche on a pretty overused setting, but the writing and performances were top-notch, I think with the DLC screwing up the entire point of the main story of BI, TLoU gets the best story.

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It is my personal Game of the Year, Game of the Gen, and Best Game Ever for many reasons. First and foremost, the game has so much to do and it is set in a huge believable world, second of all, it is the sheer variety of content, just look at the missions and vehicles for example, thirdly, the online mode is unique and enjoyable (even if it had a rocky start and it has been hacked to death), it wasn't just tacked on and lastly, and this is the main reason; it is a gameplay focused open world game. And for all of those who constantly bash the game for it's story:

Sorry but that game is losing in the GOTY chase. How can a game be better than a game whooping it in GOTY awards? It can't and that's a simple fact.

Because of opinions, (do you not understand what they are because you don't have them), a simple fact is that no game is better than another game, people just like X better than Y, it's an opinion, as I have said before the only reason that The Last of Us is winning the most GOTY awards is because the people handing out the awards have an opinion, and that opinion is that The Last of Us has a better story (here is a fact for you, the only aspect of a game that critics care about is the story, in every single GOTY video I saw where TLoU won, they all only talked about the story, not one of them mentioned gameplay, i'm not saying that TLoU has bad gameplay, I really enjoyed the gameplay, i'm just saying that critics could not care less about gameplay).
Here is an opinion of mine for you: Duke Nukem Forver (and if I can count 6th gen games, Driv3r) is a much better game than Mass Effect 2.

Edited by CantThinkOfOne2013

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Algonquin Assassin

GTAF Groundhog Day. That is all.

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