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i need one more package and i think it is this one on the map in the strategy guide that shows a bathroom or something one prawn island in studio c but i cant seem to find it.  does anybody know where this one is?

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Hast you used cheats? I heard a rumour that if you use cheats that it depletes thy last package, I don't know if it's tru tho. I hope not, I always use the spawn a romero's hearse.

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It's not there.. it's in the studio that has nothing in it... i got soo pissed when i couldn't find it then i walk in that studio and there was a hidden package.

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Iam at 99 pacages too and i cant find the last one. the one place u think u havent got it from u probably have and u didnt know about it. it happend with me on gta3 i thought i had this one but i got it but didnt save. i suggest get a guide and make sure u go through the package list with a fine tooth comb. or if u still cant find it start another game without geting a package and once u have all the islands get them all to find out there exact spot.

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This package is ALWAYS there..it does not go away and come back...NONE of them do! It is inside the empty building with the doors open...standing from a distance look at the doors and you will see a "C" split in half....inside is an open pit with the package inside this pit.....Is is possible you missed the package inside the secret room inside the yellow house near the studio????  Most people miss this one because it takes 15 or 20 times of falling to find it.....???? I suggest going there and doing this one..go up to the second level take a right and the floor breaks apart so you can't cross..well right at the edge you have to go really slow and fall off...if done correctly you will hit wall on your way down and fall into this secret room rather than just falling to the main level again  :)

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