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Favorite radio quote

Over The Wall

Recommended Posts

Over The Wall

"If a woman was president, we would nuke a country every 28 days"


--- :-p

Laughed mao when I first heard this

user posted image

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"I'll cry when I'm done killing...."


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Oh, yeah, the knife after dark ad:


"well hello there danny! I didn't no it waz hockey season!"


(Brief moment of silence)


"Hey, can I borrow a knife!"


Haha, that gets me every time! and...


Rated R for Retarded

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Woman on VCPR- "The degenatron? What a crock of $HIT!!!"


Butch on Kchat- "Amy, don't fall prey to the patriarchy's evil fashion scheme!!!"


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Maurice Chavez:


"You're not a big shot...you're not even a medium shot! You're an azzhole!"


Walking pedestrian:


"Watch out, I got the death grip!"

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"Degenatron! I'll never go to school again!"


"Fight the mysterious red sqaure the amazing green cirlcle"(or sumthin like that)


and i was listening to the fbi radio feedback thingy in the fbi rancher:


"There arent enough arrests going on. Just arrest anyone u see"

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"I like it HUGE and flashy!!! Hmm, was that flash flashy, or flashy flash, flashy flashy? I'm confused.."


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Forget about the DJs, what about "That Perfect Beat" . . . .


"Soul! . . . Sonic! . . . Force!"

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  • 5 weeks later...

Thor on KCHAT:

"Silence, wench!" "then you drag the carcass back to camp and celebrate by eating its ARSE!"


Maurice Chauvez on VCPR:

"I give you John F Hickory <JFH> How y'all doin'? <MC> Indeed."

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'They've got your wife!'

'But, I'm not married!'

'You are now... To America!'


I love that quote in conjunction with:


'Rated PG, may contain Patriotic Garbage.'


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Best quotes:


"Now with salavex, I can eat a whole box of crackers! or lick my life partner's stamp collection all night! It's like having a salavation army in my mouth, now I can suck a lollypop for as long as I want"


and on VCPR:


J: Here's a $10 donation from Fran in little havana. Wow, you think she could have given more than that!

M: Yes, mean b*tch, I hope she dies an agonising death

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I cant remember what station, or the full quote, but me and my friend had a good laugh the first time we heard it...it's something like this...


"the underarm, one of the great mysteries of the world...why is it hairy, why do men have nipples, all we know is that is smells bad. Well, now you can use pit bomb, it's like napalm for your skin, Agent orange for your sweat glands" ...lol.

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"...do it the true american way!  Dad's lock up your daughters!! shoot your sons!!", "Dad!" *bang*


lol that's a killer  ;)

The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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"Don't push me you shiny-suited prick!"

and the ever popular "Hey lift this Hairspray!" Whack!

both to the motivational speaker guy


Maurice Chavez (not chaves or chaveese) is the best

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Mad southern guy- you better put on something hard or ill come up to that darn radio station myself and shove yer head so far down your neck you'll be crappin hair balls till christmas!


i cant remember the exact quote or station but i was playing yesterday and there was a southern guy who was speaking about keeping old people out of florida and go die somewhere else.


southern guy-"Now all you old folks need to get out of florida and die somwhere else! why not kansas?

Lazlow- Now now where you born in Florida?

southern guy- Of course not!, everyone knows that no one has been born in florida since 1985!

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Jonathan freeloader: "We now return you to maurice chavez, the a$$hole!"

Michelle: "Your correct, he is an a$$hole!"

I always LMAO every time I hear that! :D

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"You Want to Pick On Pressing Issues now?Eh?Whatcho Thinking Ass-Hole?"


Maurice Chavez, on VCPR

After Throwing a Paperweight at guest.



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Degenatron ad

Man:-Are u tired of dad.

Kid:-Dad, know one wants too hear ur stupid vietnam stories.


Jonathon freeloader:-over to u morice in the studo(wispers)usless, talentless azzh0le

Mechelle:-ur correct he is an azzh0le.


Amy:-its amy, o my god u fogotten my name

Jess torant:-ye,ye,ye what ever

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