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Whats really happening in the 24 hours..

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It's the Cashpocalypse, happening right now - check your SC stats to see what you've got left. Warning: if you got gifted cash and overspent, you are now stone cold broke - prepare yourselves.

Not true at all. I bought literally everything in the game except the minigun, some weapon tints, and tattoos and I have 550k.


If you overspent you're absolutely fine.


If you went broke then I'm guessing it's because you had no money before receiving the gifted money or they connected you to DNS lobbies.


Same, i just have the legit amount I had before.

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I just checked my social club and I went from having the 232 million to $274,000. Looks like I still have something to work towards (the tank), which will keep me playin the game.

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people who are gifted money should have their money reset to 0.



Pray tell why exactly? It is moronically stupid to reset anyone who was giftted cash to $0. Pre-gift cash levels or a standard amount for the innocents but putting legitimate players to $0 is just punishing the innocent and giving the script-kiddies yet another win.

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Lol.. I was looking at the leaderboards.. Updated the richest person's profile, he had 38 trillion... Now he has only 50k :lol:

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