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Spoiler| Strangers & Freak| Should I kill Abigail or not?

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I need help deciding if she done goofed on her husband or not.

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Find an interesting way to off her as she's walking away. Popular ideas: RPG or sniper in the head, maybe try to sticky bomb her as she's walking away?. Interesting ways: Golf club the whore, hammer (for those who have it).

Edited by JoeMamma

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If you want her car (sticker bomb asea) you need to kill that bitch.

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A crowbar to her cooter.

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Snipe her, she obviously killed him.

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It really doesn't matter since there are no consequences if you let her live, even though she threatens to go to the authorities. I just chased and zapped her about 20 times with the stun gun. She won't die and it's pretty hilarious.

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As said above, It doesn't matter whether you kill her or not. She doesn't go to the authorities, regardless. I chose to kill her because you spend a good few hours looking for the submarine pieces and all she gives is you in return is $10 or $20. I killed right on the spot. Used Michael's special ability and just emptied a clip from a Carbine rifle.

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Being michael's little difficult for being his nature and i try to regulate nature of myself. so i choose Don't kill her.
it just ridicilous to kill her for not satisfied/worth with 10$?  idk if she's poor/not. but~ i know michael won't to kill people, he wanted to be a good father. it just his emotion. well~

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Posted (edited)

She sabotaged her husband's submarine so she could collect his life insurance, also, if you follow her she doesn't go to the feds but to the airport. Do with that what you (or Michael) will. You could always kill her so you can keep her car. Trevor would probably bring her to the Altruists.


source: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Abigail_Mathers

Edited by AirWolf359

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Lemoyne outlaw

yea i assumed she had something to do with her husbands death. so now she is sleeping with the fishes with her husband. a little off topic here. but i always thought michael was a little dumb when he just threw the autograph in the water. even if michael did not care about it im sure he could have sold it on ebay or whatever its called in the gta universe. and since he is dead he could probably have gotten a lot for it. way more than the measly 10 bucks.

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I don't care whether she killed the husband or not (although she obviously did), she deserves death for paying me $10. I was hanging out with my brother when he first did the mission and we were joking "imagine if she only paid Michael $100 for this" as the long and tedious task went on, absolutely couldn't believe it at the end when it was $10 :lol: . I believe her car model is the only one of its kind in the game (and is also one of the few than can have custom liveries added), so my thing was to shoot her when she was in the passenger seat (I guess she must've got in that side), then drive to LS Customs, get the livery on it, and happily drive my new fancy rare car with her corpse next to me 😛 

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To anybody who is interested only in her car, the DeClasse Asea spawns EVERYWHERE on current gen and PC.

Kill the bitch or let her go, nothing ever comes out of it either way so I prefer to just save on bullets and let her walk, not my problem anyway.

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