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Airport idea


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I think that they should have 2 smaller airports.  You are allowed to fly a big ass plane from one air port to the other.  IF you successfully go from one to the other and no passengers killed you get cash and sh*t.  BUt if you crash you lose cash and criminal rating.  This would have protected against teh 9/11 thing and brought the airport more in to the game.


I also posted this in general discussion.  What do you guys think on my idea?

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Mario Vercetti

Whoa, I'd want to fly on that airline.


"We're going to let this Mafioso type guy fly the plane today, seeing as how he has so much influence in the city. There is a slight chance we will all  die, but if we don't, we can give this already well to do mobster some extra pocket cash." :rol:


If anything, it would've been awesome to do drug runs in the private jet, but it would be impossible to add anymore to an already immense map in order to make long distance planes any fun.

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I agree about the map size thing, but they couldve given us a better plane than the freakin skimmer, man that thing is sh*t

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I think it'd be sweet if you had the main airport and then a little airport hidden (from the general public) on the outskirts of the city with a dirt run way. When you go here there could be heaps on seedy people hanging about and other small planes, because it'd be a drug import/export port. Plus the run way would be too small for a large plane, so unless you wanted to cause a mess you'd have to take a small plane.

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