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I've just replayed GTA Advance

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So a few days ago I just started playing Advance again from the beginning, it's been a while since I played the game last time.


It's actually very good, better than it looks, I just loved the city and the vehicles you can drive, the missions are very varied and non-repetitive like other GTA's and there are some cool choices you can make in missions such as 'kill this guy or just leave him' or 'destroy the place or bla bla bla'. The characters are also hilarious and it explained more in this story such as Asuka and 8-Ball, although it creates a bit of plot holes regarding how 8 Ball injured his hands, it's still awesome. The cars aren't so varied but it has a bit cool cars, such as more paintjobs for the GTA 3 gang cars, Asuka's unique blue Yakuza stinger, the red cabbie car and the F-1 car.

The weapons aren't varied too but it's cool, most of them are from GTA 3 but you also get a Katana and a Minigun! though the Bullets are very slow and it's too easy for you and your enemies to dodge them. The view also is a bit terrible because you can't see too much in front of you're car and sometimes you can just bump another car while you speed, good thing in this game the cops let you hit their cars once before trying to catch you (phew).


Right now I'm at the Staunton part just finishing Asuka's missions, it's been an awesome (second) playthrough. I've seen lots of hate for GTA Advance but I suggest you play it again because it's a good game.

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I sadly never got to finish it. I remember a mission where you had to take out some guys, each ones spawning in different places, far from each other. I know it was at end-game, but in short, I agree with your post. There are some negatives, but for a handheld game, it's a very fun game IMO.

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I have the game on GBA, and yeah, I'm playing it too, the game is pretty fun.

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It is extremeley hard when compared to other GTA games. Even more harder than GTA III. Gangs are way superior than GTA III. If you attack one member, other members of that gang start attacking you and will not stop unless you flee away to other point of island. Missions are extremely hard. (Who can beat that Smackdown mission, where you smack yardies randomly placed on Shoreside. Given time is very lacking. Even GTASeriesVideos completed it with 3 seconds left for mission failing.) Weapons are piece sh*t. Even AK-47 cannot kill people. Yes, It cannot kill people. Only shotgun is usable. Weapons will not work if you too close to enemy, even melee weapons. You need a few meters away from enemies to kill them. It is so annoying. Polices can bust you with one single hit. You cannot target enemies, shooting bullets to enemy very hard. Your health is superior, nearly you cannot be wasted, but can become easily busted. Because of ALL this BUGS and that smackdown mission. I REALLY HATE THIS GAME.

Edited by Rius

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Only thing I like about this game is the driving.

Still good fun though.

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Pooyan Cyrus

It wasn't that bad. It gives me a nostalgic feeling when I play it on my android phone.

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Mike R.L.

I actually really enjoyed GTA Advance. Great improvements from previous game boy attempts.

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It comes with a radar and I actually know what I am doing playing this game, unlike GTA1, so its not the worst in the series. The combat though is awful.

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It's a great achievement. The developers should be proud. There is almost no significant features of GTA III missing. It started out as a port but turned into an original game later in development, which was a good choice, I reckon. I don't believe any of its canon has been officially contradicted either.

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