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Pisswasser Endurance Sunday Series

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Welcome Ladies & Gentleman to the Pisswasser Sunday Cup Official page, we are happy to announce that we will host the first event of the sunday weekly race series ,in this case we are gonna bring our muscle to the track,the event is not exclusive for Apex members but we will race by their rules, clean racing and respect above everything else,RRR members are welcome.
-Sunday night will be the time an Invite only session will be available for the attentands to gather up and disscuss the last minute details, the staff recommends to use the in game chat room to request invites for the event.The race will start 00:00 hours british standard time.

ALL muscle cars allowed .
Sunday January 19th 00:00 london time (GMT)
Tonga Valley

10 laps
(-O.P post will be edited every week with the new settings for the race and the results of the week before ,theres no need to sign up in this series,if you wanna compete in this challenge , stay tuned with the APEX PSnetwork chat room sunday at least 30 minutes before the race, thanks-)
host psn id : X-xRik96x-X
Edited by Monique

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ALL muscle cars allowed.

Sunday January 19th
Check your timezone here
01:00 London time (GMT) hosted by : X-xRik96x-X
18:00 London time (GMT) hosted by : AIZCOLD
17:00 New York Time (EST) hosted by: Ringtone7
Tonga Valley
10 laps

Some rules specific to endurance races

The endurance races will work slightly differently from normal races and will consist of two stages. The first stage will be a 3 lap qualifying race to determine the starting order. After that the real race will start, beginning with one warm up lap to get everyone in position based on their qualifying times. On the last section of this opening lap the race will begin with a rolling start.

Qualifying will consist of a 3 lap race.

- The first lap will serve to open up gaps between the races. The gaps should be at least 10 seconds to prevent racers from blocking each other and to prevent anyone gaining an unfair advantage from slispstreamming.

- The second lap will be a hotlap in which everyone will do their best to set a quick time. This second lap will determine starting order. If a driver makes a mistake and ruins their lap, it will be their own responsibility not to impede other drivers behind him.

- The third lap is a cool down lap. The game will give DNF to any driver still that still hasn't finished 30 seconds after leader has ended the race. This could cause the hot-laps of the last qualifiers not to register if we would only race 2 laps. So the third lap is meant to prevent this by bunching everyone up again. Leading drivers will drive as slow as needed until the full bunch is together before crossing the finish line. You will not be allowed to attempt a second hotlap in this cool down lap!!

The Race:
The race itself will be ten laps, plus an additional lap to set up a rolling start. The fastest lap time from qualifiying gets pole position, and so on. The first lap will allow everyone to get into position (warming up the tyres is optional). Then on the last section everyone sets off for a rolling start, not too close to each other but far enough so that drivers can't slipstream behind the car in front of them straight away. Once the leader has passed the start/finish line the race starts.

Edited by Rik96

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